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GOP using Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton to attack James Comey

Chuck Schumer. Maxine Waters. Hillary Clinton.  Those names don’t exactly scream conservatism.

Waters, a totally ineffective legislator from the Golden State, spends more time on MSNBC calling for President Trump’s impeachment than she does on any kind of legislation. Seriously, in the nearly 30 years the woman has been in Congress, she has introduced and passed THREE bills!

Also, in 2009 she was investigated for conflict of interest, concerning meetings she took with a bank where had a vested financial interest.

Chuck Schumer, the liberal senator from New York, is a strong proponent for increased gun control and an abortion advocate, who actually high-fived a fellow Democratic senator after voting for late-term abortion. 

Then there’s Hillary Clinton. The former Democratic presidential nominee, who has an issue with emails just seemingly disappearing, was accused of using the State Department when she was Secretary of State to enrich her and her husband Billy’s foundation, and that’s just her most recent scandals.

She also referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” and blamed white women for her presidential loss to Donald Trump, saying they simply listened to their husbands when it came to voting booth. Apparently, Hillary doesn’t think white women possess a brain.

Knowing all this about these three Democratic all-stars, why in the world would the GOP use them in their defense of President Donald Trump? But that’s exactly what the Republican National Committee is doing with a website they’ve set up, LyinComey.com. Quotes from all three bashing Comey are prominently featured on the site.

The new website is just part of the GOP’s plan to combat former FBI director James Comey as he’s set to begin his media tour; promoting his new book , which hits shelves Tuesday.

You’ve got to ask yourself, why are the Trump administration and the GOP so afraid of Comey?  If there was no wrongdoing on behalf of Trump and his administration in regards to their dealing with Comey- and I’m not suggesting there is – why such an aggressive plan to discredit him? Why not simply let this thing die down on its own?

What’s that old saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Who would’ve thought the GOP would have ever quoted Hillary Clinton in their defense of anything?

Buckle up and hold on tight because from the looks of it things are about to become really, really interesting and that ain’t no Lyin’.


Rutgers paid Snooki more than Hillary Clinton

Remember when Hillary Clinton could rake in as much as $200,000 per speaking engagement? Well, those days are long gone.

Rutgers University recently paid Clinton $25,000 to speak about being targeted as a woman in politics, midterm elections, and Trump’s White House. Hilariously, that was quite a bit less than Snooki, of MTV’s Jersey Shore fame.

Fox News is reporting that Rutgers paid Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi $32,000 back in 2011.

From Fox:

Polizzi didn’t offer any political talking points, but told students: “Study hard, but party harder.”

Rutgers also paid Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison $30,000 to speak in 2011 and the university shelled out $35,000 for former White House press secretary and longtime PBS journalist Bill Moyers, NJ.com reported.

Clinton, at one point, was asking for $275,000 to speak at a University of Missouri luncheon, according to the Washington Post. In 2008, she was reportedly paid $225,000 by the futures brokerage firm CME Group.

It would seem that despite the Clinton name and her political clout, Hillary Clinton is decreasing in value as a speaker.

That’s gotta sting. Maybe not as much as losing a Presidential bid twice, though.



Hillary’s latest elitist, condescending comments shows she’s still not sure ‘what happened’

Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. She will never occupy the Oval Office, never be the Commander-in-Chief.  Never. Won’t happen.

But ever since her monumental, historic upset loss to Donald Trump, she has been a quest, a mission, if you will, in order to find the real reason why she lost. How could a woman who was First Lady of the United States, a U.S. Senator and Secretary of State lose to a billionaire businessman with a reality TV show and a penchant for saying whatever pops into his head? How could that happen?

Well, Hillary’s not sure, either. However,  in the time she doesn’t seem to have grasped the answer, yet. She’s blamed everything from her poorly run campaign, Bill and sexism. Whatever Hillary has to tell herself to get to sleep at night is her problem and frankly, her delusion.

And her latest condensing, snobby, elitist, smug comments in India proves the woman hasn’t got a clue.

The fact that anyone could think this way, let alone say it out loud is astounding. She literally blames “backwards” Middle America.

While Trump is in no way a perfect president. The more Hillary speaks, the more we should all be grateful she will never, ever be referred to as Madam President.


Hillary Clinton Protected Campaign Adviser Accused of Sexual Harassment

The New York Times is reporting that in 2008, a senior adviser to the Clinton presidential campaign was kept on staff despite sexual harassment accusations against him from another campaign staffer.

Burns Strider served as Clinton’s spiritual adviser, but despite urging from other staff members, was not removed from his position per Clinton’s request. Instead, he was docked several weeks pay and sent to counseling. The staffer accusing Strider of repeated sexual harassment was moved to a different job on the campaign.

From the article in the New York Times:

Those familiar with the accounts said that, over the years, a number of advisers urged Mrs. Clinton to sever ties with Mr. Strider, and people familiar with what took place did not want to see Mrs. Clinton blamed for the misconduct of men she was close to.

Strider never completed his counseling and in 2016 was again accused of harassment and was fired from Correct the Record, a PAC formed to support Clinton’s second presidential campaign.

Clinton campaign staffers including the young woman accusing Strider have not publicly commented on the matter (until now) as all were required to sign a NDA which barred employees from publicly discussing internal dynamics within the Clinton campaign.

Today, Hillary tried to smooth things over with these two tweets.

Anyone familiar with the Clinton’s history shouldn’t be surprised by these revelations. Bill Clinton has been accused of rape and sexual harassment nearly his whole life. And when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, Lena Dunham claimed she warned the Clinton campaign in 2016 that he Weinstein was a rapist and they ignored it.

Wonder if Clinton supporters, in light of this new revelation and with the timing of the #MeToo movement, will still be with her?



Still no word from GOP on Wynn, allegations

Anyone familiar with Las Vegas, their hotels and gambling have likely heard the name Steve Wynn. Why? Well, because he’s a Las Vegas mogul worth billions who has made his fortune with hotels and casinos all round the world, most notably Las Vegas.

But according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, building extravagant hotels and making billions of dollars wasn’t the only thing he was interested in doing. The article, spanning decades, details the sexually inappropriate behavior of Wynn. The article goes on to state that they talked to dozens of employees who say Wynn pressured them into performing sex acts.

It continues on and in great detail paints a picture of a man who allegedly used his money and power to pressure female employees to pleasure him. Despicable as this behavior, if true, may be, there are big political ramifications and even bigger headaches this could cause the GOP.

Shortly after the election of President Trump, Wynn became the finance chairman of the GOP.  Prior to his role with the National Republican Party, Wynn made some big moneyed donations to the GOP, including more than $761,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and $450,000 to the National Republican Committee.  He’s also donated funds to individual candidates, both Republican and Democrat, such as Pres. Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John McCain.

Now, the real problem for the GOP comes into play because of Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul who has been accused of sexual assault and even in some cases rape, by dozens of women. Weinstein was a big Democratic player, hanging out and donating to the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and former President Obama. When that all came out the GOP was quick to call on those candidates to return the Weinsten-donated money.

However, since the Wall Street Journal’s story came out, the National Republican Party has not said a word about Wynn. Nothing about the money or removing him from his position with the party.

And I understand that these are just allegations against Wynn, that he has not admitted any wrong doing. But let’s remember, Weinstein never admitted to what he’s been accused of either and the GOP still called on the DNC to return all of the Weinstein money. Weinstein was also never in an official position with the DNC, either.

If something is bad on one side, it’s just as horrible on the other side.

C’mon GOP, your hypocrisy is showing.

– BZ

Dissecting Hillary Clinton’s New Book

Hillary Clinton was poised to become the first female President in the history of the United States. And then, she didn’t. Most of the nation was shocked and even after almost a year, a lot of her supporters are still trying to come to terms with her defeat. In her own words, Clinton shares personal reflection on where things went wrong and how she felt in the aftermath of an astounding campaign defeat.

The book begins in the days following the election, when the wounds of losing are still fresh. Clinton laments that for weeks it was hard to even get out of bed. Reading the news was like “ripping off a scab” and at times all she wanted to do was “scream into a pillow.” The pain continued up until Inauguration Day when she had to sit up on the platform and watch as President Donald Trump was sworn in. She debated not going. But after some reflection and a conversation with former President Jimmy Carter, Clinton decided it was only right to go. It couldn’t have been easy to sit there for a second time and watch someone else get sworn in as President when it was something she so badly wanted. And for that, she deserves some respect no matter what side you take politically.

After the swearing in, Clinton begins to dig into why her campaign failed so miserably. She blames many of the usual suspects: sexism, misogyny, Russia, the media, her e-mails, former FBI director James Comey, Bernie Sanders and even other women.

“Since November, more than two dozen women – of all ages, but mostly in their twenties – had approached me in restaurants, theaters and stores to apologize for not voting or doing more to help my campaign. I responded with forced smiles and tight nods. I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say ‘You didn’t vote? How could you not vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want me to make you feel better?’ Of course I didn’t say any of that.”

She doesn’t stop to think that perhaps, the women who didn’t vote for her didn’t believe in her ability to govern or that maybe they just didn’t find her to be relatable. Admonishing other women for not voting for you because you are a woman certainly isn’t the right approach to understanding why you lost so many white women voters.

Clinton also believes sexism played a huge role in her loss and even now when promoting What Happened, the former Secretary of State is saying women voted for Trump because their husbands told them to. In an interview with NPR, Clinton states that “I’m talking principally about white women — they will be under tremendous pressure from fathers and husbands and boyfriends and male employers not to vote for ‘the girl.’”

Attitudes and statements like that show that Clinton doesn’t have much faith in her fellow women to vote their conscious instead of falling in line behind a candidate simply because she’s a woman. Frankly, it’s also a bit insulting to voter intelligence and shows just how out of touch she can be with everyday people.

There’s also quite a bit of shade thrown at former primary challenger Bernie Sanders, which is a bit puzzling.

“Bernie and I had a spirited contest of ideas, which was invigorating, but I nonetheless found campaigning against him frustrating. He didn’t seem to mind if his math didn’t add up or if his plans had no prayer of passing Congress and becoming law. For Bernie, policy was about inspiring a mas movement and forcing a conversation about the Democratic Party’s values and principles.”

“Bernie would come out with something bigger, loftier and leftier, regardless of whether it was realistic or not. That left me to play the unenviable role of spoilsport schoolmarm, pointing out there was no way Bernie could keep his promises or deliver real results.”

Later on in the book, she states Bernie’s attacks on her caused lasting damage and made it harder to unify the party once she secured the Presidential nomination. “I appreciate that he campaigned for me in the general election but he isn’t a Democrat. I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too.”

When not talking about factors that played into her loss, Clinton’s thoughts meander into marriage and motherhood. Quite frankly, her frequent gushing about how much she loves Bill is nauseating and feels insincere. Only Bill and Hillary truly know if they love each other or not, but from an outsider standpoint, after all these years and scandals, their marriage seems more like a power play than an actual loving relationship, no matter how many times she admonishes that “there’s no one I’d rather talk to more than him.” If you have to try so hard to convince people you have a great marriage, things probably aren’t really as wonderful as you make them out to be.

Throughout the book, there’s also a lot of discussion about the now infamous e-mail scandal. Clinton calls it a dumb mistake and an even dumber scandal. Instead of actually admitting that keeping an unsecure, private server in your home could have greatly put the country’s national security at risk, she scolds the media for reporting so heavily on it. It infuriated her that James Comey stated she and the State Department had acted “extremely careless” when using unsecure servers to send and receive classified information. Clinton questions why, when Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice also used e-mail for work, aren’t they being investigated too but fails to realize the difference in the rules for electronic communication at that time. (Powell also never had a private server)

What Happened isn’t a terrible book but it doesn’t offer much new insight into the 2016 election that we all already didn’t know. Instead, it’s more of a cathartic work for the former presidential nominee – something she had to write in order to help her move past such a painful time in her career and life. While she does admit that mistakes were made throughout the campaign (like not visiting Wisconsin because her campaign staff thought it was in the bag from the get go and telling people in coal country that she was going to put a lot of coal miners out of work – something she says was taken out of context), she never fully takes responsibility for the loss. Instead, the media, Comey, Russia, Bernie Sanders and Trump’s “deplorables” shoulder much of the blame in her eyes.

I suppose, in a way, that humanizes her just a little bit because when it comes right down to it, most people try to look for someone else to blame other than themselves.

Clinton supporters will probably devour What Happend because many of them are still looking for answers and healing from last year’s election. The rest? They’ll still find her just as unrelatable, unbearable and unelectable as they did in 2016. This one’s really written for the fans.


Hillary Clinton’s Next Career Move: Preacher?

It seems that the Clinton’s can’t (or won’t) just quietly retire to a mansion somewhere in New York. Or maybe it’s the media that won’t let them go, clinging to the idea of what might have been for Mrs. Clinton and dreaming about the possibility of Chelsea running for office in the near future.

Either way, Hillary has her eye on a new career – preacher

The Atlantic published a piece yesterday claiming that at a photoshoot for his new book about the daily devotionals he sent her on the campaign trail,  Mrs. Clinton told her longtime pastor she wants to go into the ministry.


You can read the full story here.

It’s hard to imagine such a polarizing political figure standing behind the pulpit preaching scripture and messages of faith when she has silently stood by a husband who has been accused multiple times of sexual assault and rape.

Or how about her views on abortion?

And then there are the issues of lying, greed, lust for power and maybe even murder if you believe the conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

Only God knows Hillary Clinton’s soul, but to anyone on earth that’s been paying attention to Mrs. Clinton over the past 20+ years that she and her husband have been in the political spotlight, Reverend Clinton isn’t really a title that seems to fit.


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