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How ’bout not? Chelsea Clinton says her running for office is a ‘definite maybe’

Her father was governor of Arkansas and then went on to become president of the United States. Her mother was a senator from New York, then secretary of state and then pres…well, that didn’t really work out. So, you knew it was only a matter of time before Chelsea Clinton begins her political career.

Now, she’s saying as much. The former first daughter recently stated that her taking over the Clinton dynasty is a “definite maybe.”   However, as for now, she’s not ready to run for office.

Well, Chelsea, I’m sure I speak for most conservatives when I say “definitely don’t.” Much like America showed in 2016, we didn’t want another Bush and certainly didn’t want another Clinton. I mean, America elected a reality TV star instead of your mother. If that’s not a sign that America doesn’t want another Kennedy-like dynasty, I’m not sure what is.

But in your mother’s famous words, “what difference does it make?” You’re not running yet, you’re busy building up your leftist resume, hanging out with radical groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood at pro-abortion rallies and talking about the economic benefits of murdering the unborn.

If anyone believes Chelsea Clinton will not eventually run for public office, they are totally fooling themselves. I mean Chelsea Clinton in office? She’s destined, right? God, I hope not.


Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg Team Up to Create TV Series about Women’s Suffrage

Hillary Clinton is about to add executive producer to her resume.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clinton is teaming up with acclaimed director/producer Steven Spielberg to adapt the book by Elaine Weiss called ‘The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote” as either a TV movie or mini series on a cable network.

Clinton will also guest star in the upcoming season of the CBS show Madame Secretary.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Sources say as Weiss was writing the book, she was struck by the parallels between the women’s suffrage movement and the 2016 presidential election between Clinton and Donald Trump. It then became a priority for the author and journalist — whose work has appeared in multiple publications and on NPR — to get her book in Clinton’s hands. Eventually, she met a bookstore owner who delivered The Woman’s Hour to Clinton. The latter, sources say, loved the contemporary and relevant issues the book tackled and felt it would be an important story to tell on TV while also creating strong roles for women. Clinton called her attorney, Robert Barnett at Williams Connolly, and eventually met and hit it off with Weiss before calling frequent supporter Spielberg, who brought in Amblin TV.

Poor Hillary. That crippling loss to Trump is going to haunt her forever, but comparing it to the fight for women’s right to vote? Seems like a stretch.

Despite moaning about losing for the past two years,  she seems to be profiting off of it pretty well. First a bestselling memoir about what went wrong and now landing a high profile job to produce a potential hit TV show?

Sucks to be you, Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Dons Russian Hat at Yale Speech

Hillary Clinton spoke at Yale’s College Day as part of their weekend graduation events. During the speech, she pulled out a Russian hat in what appeared to be a nod to Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election.

From USA Today:

“Now, I see looking out at you that you are following the tradition of over-the-top-hats,” Clinton told the graduates, who had donned hats as a part of their Class Day tradition on Sunday. “So I brought a hat, too. A Russian hat.”

As the crowd cheered, she appeared to hint at Russian campaign interference: “Look I mean — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Clinton, who graduated from Yale Law, also joked about losing Michigan in 2016.

“I am thrilled for all of you — even the three of you who live in Michigan and didn’t request your absentee ballots in time,” she said, drawing laughter.

On a more serious note, the former secretary of State lamented her loss (“I’m still not over it”) and warned students of the “assault” on reason and facts.

“But we are also witnessing an era of new moral conviction, civil engagement and a sense of devotion to our democracy and country,” she said.

Watch the video here:


Is Mrs. Clinton forgetting the Uranium One scandal?

Or how about the Clinton campaign and the DNC paying for research that led to the Russian dossier?

Hillary might be trying to make a joke but it kind of looks like the joke’s on her instead.

Hillary Clinton: Identifying as a Capitalist Cost Me Votes

Has any other former presidential candidate spent this much time talking about why they lost?

Hillary Clinton is back at it again, this time saying that because she’s a capitalist and 41% of Democrats identify as socialists, that caused her to lose votes with them.

At a Shared Value Leadership Summit, she told a host, “It’s hard to know, but I mean if you’re in the Iowa caucuses and 41 percent of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialists, and I’m asked ‘Are you a capitalist?’ and I say, ‘Yes, but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability.’ You know, that probably gets lost in the ‘Oh my gosh, she’s a capitalist!’ ”

Watch the clip here:

Calling herself a capitalist is laughable, especially since she also followed that statement up with regulation and accountability. A true capitalist knows that fewer government regulations and interference is what truly makes capitalism flourish.

So while she’s not necessarily a capitalist, she’s not really a true socialist either. Her main problem is that she’s an old school Democrat and the party has moved on from it. They’re moving far left – even socialist as she admits in the above video – and Bernie’s supporters didn’t buy her moving left of center just to try to get their votes. That’s why a lot voted third party and some even went for Trump instead. After the election, she ruthlessly attacked Sanders and places a lot of blame on him for the reason she lost to Trump.

She even stated as much in her book, What Happened.

“I don’t know if that bothered Bernie or not. He certainly shared my horror at the thought of Donald Trump becoming President, and I appreciated that he campaigned for me in the general election. But he isn’t a Democrat— that‘s not a smear, that’s what he says. He didn’t get into the race to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got in to disrupt the Democratic Party. He was right that Democrats needed to strengthen our focus on working families and that there’s always a danger of spending too much time courting donors because of our insane campaign finance system. He also engaged a lot of young people in the political process for the first time, which is extremely important. But I think he was fundamentally wrong about the Democratic Party—the party that brought us Social Security under Roosevelt; Medicare and Medicaid under Johnson; peace between Israel and Egypt under Carter; broad-based prosperity and a balanced budget under Clinton; and rescued the auto industry, passed health care reform, and imposed tough new rules on Wall Street under Obama. I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too.”

What’s most shocking about all this though, is Hillary is actually telling the truth about the state of the Democratic party! Could this be the only time she’s ever spoken truthfully?!?

It’s time for her to accept her loss and move on. Almost two years have gone by and if she doesn’t accept she’s mostly to blame for not resonating with voters, we’ll never hear the end of it. Do yourself a favor Hillary – go retire somewhere and never speak of the 2016 election again.


Vox: Never Trumpers Should Vote Democrat

I’m going to level with you here – I was a Never Trumper. I’m still not impressed with this President, and find his morals and ego repulsive, although I will credit him when he does something good. (Gorsuch and signing the tax bill which gets rid of the individual mandate AND puts more money in my pocket. Can’t argue with that.)

This may make some readers unhappy, but I believe in principles over party and like it or not, Donald Trump is not a conservative. The MAGA crowd crows about RINOs in Congress but the biggest RINO of all is living in the White House. Sure he’s done a few conservative things but fundamentally, the President is nothing like the GOP party of old. And truthfully, that party has been slipping away for quite some time, but with the rise of a populist candidate like Trump, it seems that it will probably never return to the days of limited government and low spending.

So what’s a Never Trumper to do in a political climate where most GOP candidates seem to be riding the Trump Train to get elected? According to Vox, it’s vote Democrat.

And to that, I say: HELL NO.

From Vox:

I’ll lay out the case below, but the reasoning is not that complicated: There are, for all intents and purposes, two parties contending in the American system. If you believe one of them is an existential threat to that system … you should vote for the other one. Because one of them is going to win.

Popular conceptions of the GOP — that it is driven primarily by conservative economic principles like small government, low taxes, and deregulation — are also wrong. It turns out those things were the preoccupations of a thin and unrepresentative conservative elite, primarily in DC. The Tea Party uprising and its culmination in Trump were driven by white resentment and white backlash.


It’s a conundrum, really.

And let’s be clear – Trump didn’t win because he’s racist. I am tired of that argument and tired of liberal rags like Vox using that narrative. There were plenty of Obama voters who went Trump in 2016 and they probably propelled Trump to his victory.

But let’s get back to the suggestion that Never Trumpers should vote Democrat.

I’m not going to vote for pro-abortion candidates. I also won’t vote for someone who wants to take my gun away. And why in the world would I vote for a party that wants to tax me even more? As far as I can tell, Democrats that fit these requirements are nearly non-existent and if they are out there, they won’t go against their party’s platform when the time comes to vote.

There’s too much that ideologically separates the parties, especially when it comes to socialist policies. And socialism IS the rising star in the Democrat party. Look at Bernie Sanders – millennials loved him and didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton, who arguably could be considered an old school, more conservative Democrat than what’s present in the party today.

If Vox truly believes that the majority of Never Trumpers are going to vote Democrat just to clean house, they’re sorely mistaken. It’s a much better idea to vote libertarian, as their principles usually align more closely with that of the GOP.

The best solution would be the formation of a new conservative party. And that would probably take generations to even make a difference IF they could somehow even make themselves a factor in our elections. The two party system has a stranglehold on that.

But probably the most logical solution would be to run GOP candidates who have the guts to stand up to the President when he’s wrong. A few already exist – let’s elect more people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake who are not afraid to criticize the President when he’s wrong and even go against their own party in the name of liberty.

Trump is a stain on the Republican Party but he doesn’t have to be a lasting one.

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