James Comey says ‘law enforcement decisions must be apolitical,’ social media responds

Former FBI director James Comey, since his dismissal, has gone on to write a book about President Trump and his administration. Additionally, Comey has gone any and every television program that would have him on […]


Bill Maher: Hillary was a terrible candidate, committed obstruction and political correctness is cancer

Democrats and Republicans. You either support President Trump or you’re either a dirty liberal, Never Trumper, snowflake. On the other hand, you’re either for impeachment, believe Trump obstructed justice and probably colluded with the Russians […]

Hillary Clinton on Mueller report: ‘Obstruction of justice occurred’

For two years or so, everybody on the left, including prominent Democratic politicians and entire television networks, told us that President Trump colluded with Russia, no doubt. Now, since that narrative has gone by the […]