Trump, administration try to diminish, discredit Dr. Fauci, experts

We’re currently less than four months away from the November 2020 election. President Donald Trump is completely and entirely aware of this fact. However, Trump is also aware that cases of the coronavirus are surging […]

Larry Kudlow: ‘There is no second wave coming’

Larry Kudlow is the National Director of the Economic Council. Kudlow, a member of the Trump administration, appeared on CNBC Monday morning where he discussed the economy and the coronavirus. During his appearance, Kudlow names […]

Republican North Dakota gov: Skip ‘ideological’, ‘political’ debate over face masks, show ’empathy and understanding’

As the pandemic continues, so does the bickering from both sides of the aisle. Like most things, people have managed to turn nearly every single aspect of the pandemic into a partisan issue. Face masks, […]