Indiana Sen. Mike Braun blasts Warren’s health care plan

Health care is going to be a major issue in the 2020 presidential election. It’s been the number one debated issue in every single one of the Democratic debates. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth […]


Really? Warren has answer for those who lose their jobs because of her health care plan

So on Friday, Elizabeth Warren finally released her plan to provide “Medicare for All.” Guess what? It’s going to cost a ton, more than $20 trillion. In addition to the major price tag, Warren’s plan […]

Elizabeth Warren admits her ‘Medicare for All’ plan will result in millions of lost jobs

Health care is a policy area that garners a massive amount of attention every election cycle. The upcoming presidential election doesn’t appear to be any different. At every Democratic presidential debate, health care has been […]

Warren still refuses to say how to fund her health care plan, says she needs more time

Elizabeth Warren appears to be the media and the Democratic Party establishment’s choice for the nomination. But as while she is getting the coverage and the airtime, the one question that really hasn’t been asked […]