Tulsi Gabbard says she won’t participate in next Dem debate

The Democrats, next week, will get once again get together and discuss issues. On Dec. 19, they’ll take the stage in Los Angeles and fight over who can give the most to whom. While the […]


Sen. Mazie Hirono: Activists should believe in climate change as if it’s a religion

Today it’s not enough to simply believe in and support a political cause, it must be done with a religious-type zeal. Whether you’re caught up in the cult of personality of President Donald Trump or […]

Gabbard: Impeachment will be terribly divisive, further divide our country

Representative and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard will not be voting for impeachment. Prior to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the House’s “official impeachment inquiry” into President Trump, Gabbard appeared on CNN where she was […]