CNN’s Brian Stelter calls for Presidential debates to be eliminated

The left really doesn’t want Joe Biden to debate President Trump this fall. Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of how he’ll perform? Uncle Joe doesn’t always have the best track record when it comes to […]

Politicon 2019: Panels, debates and fun in Nashville, Tennessee

In our current political discourse, you’re either right or left, my friend or my enemy. Tribalism is the name of the game and no one really seems interested in having sane, level-headed discussions where common […]

Politicians, pundits react to Robert Mueller turning in report, ending investigation

On Friday evening, special investigator Robert Mueller turned in his report on the Russian investigation to the Department of Justice. The move by Mueller signals the end of the nearly two-year investigation into claims that […]

Sen. Ben Sasse to Virginia gov: ‘Get the hell out of public office’

Today, the governor of Virginia essentially endorsed infanticide. He began his comments by discussing a bill in the Virginia House introduced by a Democrat that would allow abortion right up until birth. But the governor, […]