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3 shot at Chicago ‘peace picnic’; 46 shot in Windy City since Friday night

Chicago may be a glamorous city home to the Chicago Cubs, The Magnificent Mile, and some terrific dining options, but it’s also a fairly violent city.

On Saturday, the third largest city in America held what was being referred to as a “peace picnic.” However, the word peace must have a much different meaning to residents of the Windy City than most other people in America.

That’s because the “peace picnic” Saturday evening was momentarily interrupted when a gunman opened fire, striking three men.  All three men were transported to the hospital, two were said to be in stable condition, while the other was in critical condition.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. A fourth was also beaten during the event. 

In all, 46 people have been shot in the Windy City since Friday night, including a 3-year-old boy.

That’s not to make light of all the gun violence in Chicago, but at this point it’s getting ridiculous. But there have been nearly 1,900 people shot there in 2018. However, as insane as that number maybe it’s an improvement over last last.  At this time last year, nearly 2,300 people had been shot….so good job Chicago?

As can be expected, there are calls for Chicago Mayor and former President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

3D Printed Gun Blueprints Not Allowed on Facebook

Facebook will no longer allow users to share blue prints to make 3D guns. The social media giant is cracking down on content and says instructions to print the plastic weapons does not meet their community standards.

From The Hill:

“Sharing instructions on how to print firearms using 3D printers is not allowed under our Community Standards. In line with our policies, we are removing this content from Facebook.”

The company said it is looking at how to further strengthen its policy against 3D guns.

In July, the State Department and Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization, reached a settlement allowing the group to post files on how to print 3D guns.

However, a federal judge granted a temporary injunction preventing Defense Distributed from uploading the plans. Despite that injunction, other sites have posted 3D gun files.

There’s been a lot of banning and censorship going on lately with social media sites, especially within conservative circles. So much for “people use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.” (Facebook’s mission statement)


Customers shoot, kill armed robbery suspect in Indy

“For what reason do citizens need to arm themselves?” That’s often a question asked by a Democrat elected official, an MSNBC, CNN journalist, and/or some-has-been celebrity after a mass shooting.

Well, an incident Saturday in Indianapolis is one reason why citizens may need to arm themselves. According to WISH-TV, a man entered a gas station on the city’s northeast side with the intention of robbing the place with the use of a firearm.

The man apparently entered the store displayed the gun and was shot and killed by two customers in the store. The incident remains under investigation at this point.

I know you may be thinking, but ‘This is Indianapolis. This isn’t normal. Murders and shooting deaths don’t happen every day in places like Indianapolis. The customers did not need to use lethal force.’  Ok, being put in that same position, what would you do? Are you going to take your chances? Or would you rather have a gun or at least know someone in that establishment has a gun to combat the criminal with a gun?

While fatal shootings don’t happen every day in Indy, they are happening at an alarming rate.

Ever heard of the east side of Indianapolis?

Want proof? Check out this story from FOX 59 about seven shootings in the Circle City in 12 hours in July of this year.  WIBC also has a write up about the increase in murders in Indianapolis.

Shootings in Indianapolis continue to reach record highs.  Let’s remember this is Indianapolis, not Chicago where 13 people were shot and killed and 72 were injured over a WEEKEND in the Windy City.

You may be asking ‘Well, what is the city and/or mayor doing to combat Indy’s rise in fatal shootings?’

That’s a great question and no one is really sure, but 2016 and 2017 both set records for the number of fatal shootings in the Circle City. Now, 2018 looks to be on the way to topping 2017’s numbers.





Parkland School System Failed Nikolas Cruz

On Friday, The Sun Sentinel reported the findings of a special report conducted by the Broward public school system on the Parkland High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz. The report, which was redacted but due to an error in the publication, could be read entirely by copy and pasting into a different document, found that Cruz had asked for help from the school system but they did not follow through on his request.

From The New York Times:

The report revealed that two months after Mr. Cruz was forced to leave Stoneman Douglas, he tried to take the school’s earlier advice and enroll in Cross Creek. His mother said “he had come to realize that the only way he would achieve his goal of graduating from high school” was to do so, the report says.

The district was required to respond to Mr. Cruz’s request for special-needs services, known as exceptional student education, within 30 days, the report found. Instead, the district told Mr. Cruz that it would need to evaluate his eligibility for assistance — despite his 15-year record in the school system — and that the process could take six weeks.

The process never began: For a new special-needs evaluation to take place, Mr. Cruz first had to re-enroll in Stoneman Douglas. An administrator said it was too late in the school year to take him back.

Because of failing grades, Cruz withdrew from school. Three days later, he purchased the AR-15 he used one year later in the Parkland shooting.

It’s obvious to see from the report, that Cruz had a long history of alarming behavior, so it’s a hard to say if receiving additional support from the high school would have changed the outcome of the Parkland shooting.

What it does point out, is that the school system failed to properly do their job.

Those instances, from the Sun Sentinel:

— School officials misstated Cruz’s options when he was faced with being removed from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School his junior year, leading him to refuse special education services.

— When Cruz asked to return to the therapeutic environment of Cross Creek School for special education students, the district “did not follow through,” the report reveals.

In part because of the errors, Cruz had no school counseling or other special education services in the 14 months leading up to the shooting on Feb. 14, the report says.

Maybe with all the evidence coming to light that not only did the Broward County Sheriff’s department botch their on the scene response procedures but the school system also failed Cruz, people will stop blaming legal gun owners and the NRA for something they had nothing to do with?




Nationwide March for Our Rights in Support of the Second Amendment to be Held on Saturday

On Saturday July 7th, 2A supporters across the country will be marching and rallying at an event called the “March for Our Rights.” The marches will take place in several major cities and to find one near you, visit their Facebook page.

March for Our Rights is a student led organization that advocates for the Second Amendment. From their web site:


We are students across the country concerned with the growing idea that the Second Amendment is outdated and should be thrown out. As law-abiding citizens and current/future voters, we want to make sure that the Constitution and America’s founding principles stay intact.

Self-determination and the ability to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is essential in keeping this republic functioning.


To show continued support of our founding documents, especially the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment.

To change the student-led narrative that there is only one side to the gun control debate.


Both as a movement and as individuals, we are deeply saddened by the loss of life stemming from firearms. As supporters of the Second Amendment, we strive to ensure the communal safety of our fellow American citizens. We simply believe that gun control is not the answer.

Notable speakers at the events include Joe Walsh, Dick Heller, Maj Toure (founder of Black Guns Matter), singer/actress Kaya Jones and Amy Robbins (founder Alexo Athletica).




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