Actresses Natalie Portman, Brie Larson call for defunding of the police

Currently, there is a movement, following the murder of George Floyd, of people calling for the defunding and even abolishment of the police. Instead of fully funding police departments, people would rather have that money […]

Booker admits support for gun buyback, refuses to answer how he’ll accomplish it

Robert Francis O’Rourke has admitted on a number of occasions that he wants to disarm law-abiding citizens. Wednesday on “The View” Cory Booker also admitted that he’s in favor of mandatory gun buybacks. However, when […]

Indiana photographer faces backlash over ‘A Christmas Story’ inspired newborn photo

Shelbyville, Ind. photographer Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studios specializes in newborn photography and this year one of her photos has gone viral. Haehl posed a sleeping baby on a couch to look like Ralphie […]