Eminem’s chilling new music video pushes gun control

Rapper Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, quietly dropped a new album yesterday. Along with the album, came a new single “Darkness” and a chilling music video that pushes for gun control and urges people to vote. […]


Booker admits support for gun buyback, refuses to answer how he’ll accomplish it

Robert Francis O’Rourke has admitted on a number of occasions that he wants to disarm law-abiding citizens. Wednesday on “The View” Cory Booker also admitted that he’s in favor of mandatory gun buybacks. However, when […]

Aurora shooting victims families ask Warner Brothers to donate to anti-gun groups, sever ties with NRA backed politicians ahead of new ‘Joker’ movie

In 2012, a gunman open fired on a crowd of movie goers watching “The Dark Knight” in Aurora, Colorado. When questioned by the police, the shooter repeatedly told them he was The Joker. Now, the […]