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Sheriff Scott Israel Facing No Confidence Vote by His Deputies

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who described himself as having amazing leadership, is facing a vote of no confidence from his own deputies.

From The Daily Caller:

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association has scheduled a no-confidence vote for Sheriff Scott Israel over his behavior during the lead-up to and aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, union president Deputy Jeff Bell announced Friday.

The union is accusing Israel of “many instances of suspected malfeasance, misfeasance, failure to maintain fiduciary responsibility by the sheriff, failure to properly investigate possible criminal conduct by members of his senior command staff and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale throughout the agency.”

Bell told CNN that “the historic move is due to the dysfunction of the office, which has been piling up for years. But it was Israel’s behavior after the school shooting that left 17 people dead that pushed the rank and file over the edge.”

There have been many calls for Israel to resign and some lawmakers have asked the governor to suspend him. Neither have happened.

Also from CNN:

The no-confidence voting period will close April 26, to allow all the voting members to cast their ballot during their shift. All deputies and sergeants in the union will have the power to vote.
While the outcome of the no-confidence vote is mostly symbolic, it will give the sheriff a sense of what his rank-and-file deputies think of his command.
“Some of his best supporters are being vocal against him,” said Bell. “The morale just disappeared. The morale is gone.”
Maybe now the sheriff will realize his incompetency and step down.

Assault Style Weapons Pulled from Dick’s Shelves Will be Destroyed

Back in February, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced they would be pulling all assault style weapons from their Field & Stream store shelves, along with raising the age to buy firearms in their stores to 21.  Their stores would also no longer carry high capacity magazines or sell bump stocks.

Dick’s had pulled the weapons off the shelves in their main stores after Sandy Hook, but the offshoot store Field & Stream was still carrying semi-automatic riffles.

Many have wondered what the chain would do with the unsold merchandise and now we have an answer: Dick’s is destroying  all of it.

The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reports that the guns are being destroyed at Dick’s distribution centers and the company is following guidelines outlined by the federal government to complete the process. Parts will be sent to a salvage company for recycling.

A spokesperson for Dick’s did not say how much merchandise was being destroyed and also did not comment on what the retailer did with the guns they pulled in 2012.

Most of the response on Twitter was positive.


Illinois Town Bans Assault Weapons, Will Fine Owners Who Keep Them

If you live in Deerfield, Ill. and own an AR-15, AK-47, Uzis or other semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a large magazine, you are now banned from owning that weapon.

An ordinance which passed unanimously by the Deerfield Village Board states “the move is in the best interest of public health and will spur a culture change toward the normative value that assault weapons should have no role or purpose in civil society.” It also states that weapons are “not reasonably necessary to protect an individual’s right of self-defense” or to preserve a well-regulated militia.”

The ban will go into effect on June 13 and people who already own the weapons will not be grandfathered in or allowed to keep them. If they choose not to get rid of them or move them elsewhere, hefty fines will ensue.

From USA Today:

Deerfield residents with assault weapons may sell them, hand them over to police or move them out of the village within 60 days of the ordinance going into effect. There are exceptions for law enforcement officers and members of the military.

Violating the ordinance could result in a fine of at least $250 and up to $1,000 for each day the violation occurs.

Guns Save Life, a gun advocacy group, has already filed a suit against the town and the NRA is backing them.

Punishing law abiding gun owners who haven’t committed any crimes. Confiscation. Outright attacking the language and meaning of the Second Amendment. Skipping due process.

But they’re not coming for our guns, right?



London’s Murder Rate Higher than New York City

The BBC reports that London is seeing a spike in violent crime and for the first time, their murder rate is now higher than New York City.

Of the 44 murder investigations that have been launched in 2018, 31 of those have been as a result of stabbings. The rest of the murders were gun deaths. According to The Independentfatal stabbings in England and Wales are now at their highest levels since 2011 – growing by 12 per cent in the year ending December 2017. Fatal stabbings are taking place every three days in London amid concerns of a resurgence of “postcode wars” between battling gangs.”

England has incredibly strict gun control laws. It’s virtually impossible to own a firearm unless you live out in the country and need it for self defense. Owning a gun is considered a privilege, not a right and there are numerous steps citizens have to take to even be approved to own one.

The police don’t even carry guns because they believe in policing by consent instead of force.

So while firearms deaths are minimal in the UK, it would appear that less guns don’t solve the murder and crime problem. Criminals will just stab you to death instead of shooting you.

What do you have to say to that gun control supporters?


Gun Violence Survivor Kaya Jones Wants to Debate David Hogg

Former Pussycat Dolls singer and Native American Ambassador to the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, is a staunch Second Amendment supporter. Despite having been a victim of gun violence AND leaving the stage shortly before the Las Vegas shooter began his rampage at the Route 91 music festival, Kaya still believes in the right to bear arms and she’s had enough of David Hogg.

So far Hogg hasn’t responded to her challenge.

Meanwhile, other conservatives have decided that muting him is better than trying to engage.


But no one is addressing the elephant in the room – why aren’t theses kids back in class??


A Response to Emma Gonzalez’s Op Ed

Today, Emma Gonzalez, one of the Parkland High School students, wrote an op-ed for Teen Vogue‘s digital issue. The issue this month is dedicated to “rising voices in the gun control movement, young people who are working on the issue in different ways, all of them impacted by gun violence.”

In her op-ed, entitled “Dear Lawmakers, You’re Killing Us,” Gonzalez blames the deaths of teens in the post-Columbine climate on local and national government who fail to regulate access to guns. She says the NRA feeds people myths about about gun ownership and that organizations cutting ties with the NRA along with the passage of bills allowing funding for more security in schools is not enough.

So what exactly does Emma Gonzalez want?

From her op-ed:

We need to digitize gun-sales records, mandate universal background checks, close gun-show loopholes and straw-man purchases, ban high-capacity magazines, and push for a comprehensive assault weapons ban with an extensive buyback system.

It would also benefit us to redefine what assault weapons are so that when we call for a ban against them, it’s clear that we aren’t trying to ban all guns. No one needs to use an assault weapon to protect themselves while walking home at night. No one should be allowed to use an AR-15 to strategically hunt people, which, in case anyone forgot, is what made us speak out in the first place.

She is also adamantly against arming teachers.

How would arming teachers work, logistically?

Would they have to buy their own guns, or would there be armories in schools? Would students be able to break into armories?

While teaching, would a teacher keep their weapon on their person or in a lockbox?

If it was in a lockbox on the other side of the room when a threatening person walked in, would the teacher be able to get to their gun in time?

If the threat and the teacher were in close proximity, would the threat not be able to disarm the teacher and turn the pistol on them and in turn the students?

Why would a student shooter even need to worry about metal detectors or getting patted down if they already know they can overpower the teacher and take that gun for their own use?

If the teacher wasn’t in close proximity, what would stop the teacher’s bullets from hitting other students who might be in the way and obscured by gunsmoke?

And finally, the kicker.

And since there was a resource or police officer on campus to help protect students and teachers, why didn’t that stop 17 people from getting killed and 15 from getting injured on February 14?

Let’s address a few of her solutions.

“We need to digitize gun-sales records.”

This is a dangerous statement. The Second Amendment was created with the idea that someday, the citizens of the United States might need to overthrow a tyrannical government. If said government has a record of every firearm that was purchased and who owns them, that’s scary. They will know exactly where the guns are, who has them and it will be easy to round them up should we ever reach that point in the future.

Also, Americans’ should have a right to privacy that extends to gun ownership. It’s no one’s business but mine, and those I choose to tell, what kind of firearms and how many I own.

“Push for a comprehensive assault weapons ban with an extensive buyback system.”


“Why would a student shooter even need to worry about metal detectors or getting patted down if they already know they can overpower the teacher and take that gun for their own use?”

Maybe let’s not make it public which teachers are armed and which ones aren’t. That solves this problem.


“If the teacher wasn’t in close proximity, what would stop the teacher’s bullets from hitting other students who might be in the way and obscured by gunsmoke?”

Hopefully the teachers are smart enough and trained well enough not to blindly shoot if they don’t have a clear shot at the shooter.

“And since there was a resource or police officer on campus to help protect students and teachers, why didn’t that stop 17 people from getting killed and 15 from getting injured on February 14?”

Because your school resource officer was a coward and failed to do his job. When you have resource officers who do their jobs the right way, you have a situation like Maryland – the shooter was taken down quickly and effectively.

What she is also missing, as are many people in the anti-gun crowd, are the oversights by the FBI and the local law enforcement in many of the shootings she mentions in her piece. And there are numerous reports that are easily accessible on the web as to just how preventable the Parkland shooting was.

She also fails to address the root of the problem. What is causing our youth to to act out like this? Fifty years ago, students would take guns to school, store them in their lockers and go hunting after class. They didn’t carry out mass shootings and no one thought anything about them bringing their rifles to school. What’s changed? Getting to the root of the problem seems like the best solution. You can legislate guns all you want, but you can’t legislate morality.

Emma Gonzalez seems like a smart young woman. She’s well spoken and no one can blame her for demanding change. Seventeen innocent young adults had their lives snuffed out in an instant and it should never have happened.

Keep asking those questions, Emma because they’re helpful for discussion. But when you ask a question, be willing to listen to the other side too. America does not work on mob rule and when you call for measures that infringe upon the rights of others, it’s a pretty big deal.

As someone once said, my rights don’t end where your feelings begin.


David Hogg: The NRA are “Pathetic F***ers that Want to Keep Killing our Children.”

David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting and founder of the Never Again movement, had some very choice words about the NRA and pro-gun politicians.

Watch this interview with The Outline. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

“Our parents don’t know how to use a f***ing democracy, so we have to.”

“They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see these dollar signs.”

David Hogg is seventeen years old. What he went through is horrific and no child should have to experience it. But that’s just it – he’s still very young and yet he acts like he’s an expert on everything.

He’s been extremely disrespectful to NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch.

He thinks he’s an expert on everything from voter ID laws to the security of our election.

And he’s even a journalist and documentary film maker!

Sadly what he and the rest of the Parkland students (yes, even Kyle Kashuv, the 2A supporter) don’t see is that all these kids are to politicians are pawns to be used for whatever agenda they support.

And the media needs to stop treating them as if they’re some sort of school shooting survivor celebrities. They’re still just kids and instead of flying around on private jets and shaking hands with the people using them to drum up votes, they should be working through what happened and thinking about returning to school.

They’re not experts and they shouldn’t be treated as such by either side.

And after that profanity laced interview, David Hogg’s parents need to teach him an appropriate approach to public speaking – people take you more seriously when you speak intelligently.

(Maybe wash his mouth out with soap too.)



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