Jason Momoa shames Chris Pratt for not using a reusable water bottle, then apologizes

Aquaman was not very happy with Starlord after actor Chris Pratt posted a photo at the gym that showed him drinking water out of a regular old plastic water bottle. View this post on Instagram […]


Actor Chris Pratt posts heartfelt ‘thank you’ to his brother, all veterans

Hollywood isn’t a place for going against the grain, as much the directors and actors who inhabit that town would like us to believe. It’s very much a “follow-the-crowd” and “groupthink” place, where the latest […]

Leftists losing their minds over actor Chris Pratt’s t-shirt

Hollywood is an industry that considers itself creative, edgy and individualistic. However, when it comes to politics and basically any social topic at all, they aren’t nearly as creative and individualistic, instead they seem to […]