Fight on ‘The Five’: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams get into shouting match

The media, those on the left and the right are debating what is actually contained in the transcribed transcript of President Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president. As you can expect, those on […]


Juan Williams: Trump may refuse to leave if he loses 2020 election

Juan Williams is a Fox News contributor and a regular panelist on the network’s popular opinion program, “The Five.” On any given day, “The Five” is compromised of four conservative/libertarian voices – Greg Gutfeld, Dana […]

VIDEO: Things got heated between Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams on ‘The Five’

One of Fox News’ most popular program is “The Five,” an hour-long program where some of the network’s most popular personalities provide commentary on the day’s biggest stories. Normally, the show consists of former “Red […]