The Georgia Democratic Party can’t take a joke, responds to ‘The Onion’

Comedy is an extremely offensive thing to do, mainly to the political correctness that has run amuck.  The liberal mob constantly police comedians for saying words they don’t like or talking about topics that may […]


Republican Martha McSally may become US Senator after all

U.S. Representative Martha McSally may actually end up in the United States Senate after all. This despite her loss to Democrat Krysten Sinema in Arizona. Following her loss, McSally posted the following message on social […]

VIDEO: GA. Democratic gubernatorial candidate says blue wave includes the ‘undocumented’

For the longest time, ever since Democrats learned there was an election in November 2018, they’ve talked about a “blue wave.” They’d yell and scream about a blue wave, a blue wave is coming, according […]