AOC says Kellyanne Conway is ‘sexist’ toward her

AOC just won’t stop complaining about things! Now apparently the ‘patriarchy has no gender’ and the congresswoman is accusing White House counselor Kellyanne Conway of being sexist towards her. Her comments came in response to […]


Cory Booker: ‘I don’t think two men should be on a ticket’

Trump will be reelected President of the United States in 2020. Go ahead and mark my words, it’s going to happen. Why?  New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Democratic presidential candidate in less than 30 […]

Former Obama, Hillary aide concerned ‘three white men’ leading Dem 2020 polls

Democrats are absolutely obsessed with identity politics. They love dividing people based on race, gender and sexual orientation. Look at the way their presidential candidates campaign. Hillary Clinton’s entire 2016 campaign was based solely on […]