Huh? Biden says his child tax credit will put 720 million women back to work

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still leading this circus that is the Democratic presidential field of candidates. While Biden still maintains a healthy lead over Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, his campaign has still […]


Julian Castro goes after Biden during debate, gets lit up on social media

So the top 10 Democrats running for president met in Houston, Texas Thursday night for their third primary debate. As expected, one of the biggest and most heavily debated topics was health care. Every Democrat […]

Biden tells Colbert his gaffes aren’t big deal, ‘not substantive’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a walking gaffe machine. He has a well-documented history of misspeaking, saying the wrong thing and getting details of stories entirely wrong. Biden recently stopped by “The Late Show […]

Joe Biden: AOC’s Green New Deal doesn’t go too far

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues his move to the left to appease the far, far left in the Democratic Party. During CNN’s “Climate Crisis Town hall,” Anderson Cooper asked Biden about the Green New […]