David Hogg seems to think only white people own guns

The shooting at Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida where 17 people lost their lives was and is a tragedy. Since the shooting, David Hogg, a student who attended the school where nearly 20 people […]


Former Canadian prime minister ‘rooting’ for Hurricane Dorian to hit Florida, Mar-a-Lago

The presidency of Donald Trump has driven people insane. While they continually say Trump is full of hate, his opponents often reveal themselves that they are the ones who are consumed with hatred. For instance, […]

SNL’s Pete Davidson slams UCF students: ‘You should f**king grow up, idiots’

Saturday Night Live’s 45th season is set to get underway at the end of September. However, before the show gets back into production some of the cast are using their time to complete some personal […]