Police department in UK arrests 12-year-old for racist messages

In America, we have freedom of speech. It’s guaranteed in the First Amendment. We have the right to say, generally, what we want without retaliation from the government. Now, some believe having free speech means […]

Lol! Guy schools CNN’s Chris Cuomo while eating Ramen Noodles

Several weeks ago, CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to call for protesters to continue destroying small businesses, trashing public streets and vandalizing memorials and monuments. Following a weekend of riots around the country, Cuomo made the […]

President of the United States: If I could shut down Twitter, I would

It’s been said that the best remedy to speech some may deem offensive is more speech, not less. On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting social media platforms and the broad legal […]

The President of the United States threatens to ‘strongly regulate’and close down social media

Conservatives and Republicans love the First Amendment, right? That whole freedom of speech thing, the part that says the government can’t come in and shut you down because the government disagrees with you, those on […]