Eric Swalwell: I’d select a woman as VP

Eric Swalwell is still running for president. Yes, despite his embarrassing poll numbers, the California Democrat is still running for President of the United States. The gun grabber and opponent of the 2nd Amendment, in […]


Ocasio-Cortez says VA ‘provides highest quality of health care’

The Democrats are really pushing for government-run health care. A number of their presidential candidates have openly admitted to wanting to abolish private health  insurance. Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently at a town hall […]

Snopes fact checks satirical website ‘The Babylon Bee’

The fight against misinformation is real. The internet is littered with example after example of such misleading and/ or blatantly false new items.  For instance, for nearly two years CNN and MSNBC brought had commentator […]