Alyssa Milano reveals two abortions, says if she hadn’t had them ‘life would be completely lacking all its great joys’

On her ”Sorry Not Sorry” podcast, actress Alyssa Milano talks about two abortions she had when she was younger, then rails against female sexual oppression by men. Milano, who said she was on birth control […]


Gillibrand says it’s her responsibility to understand, explain white privilege to others

Kirsten Gillibrand is an absolutely terrible candidate. She continually says and does some of the most cringeworthy things imaginable, she support is in the low single-digits but yet she still refuses to leave the race. […]

Report: Wen fired from Planned Parenthood for moving organization away from politics and for not using trans-inclusive language

Last night, the news broke that Planned Parenthood had fired their director in a closed door meeting. Wen only lasted 10 months at the organization. Now, Buzzfeed is reporting that the doctor was ousted because […]