Tom Brady leaving the Patriots, says ‘football journey will take place elsewhere’

The coronavirus still continues to dominate headlines as more and more people discover they have the virus every day. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to get away from items causing stress and distract ourselves […]


After Browns-Steelers brawl, ESPN reporter accuses QB struck with helmet of saying something ‘egregious’

ESPN, when they made the decision to interject politics into their coverage, lost a ton of viewers. Well, after seeing their nosedive in viewership, the network changed direction, saying there were no longer going to […]

24 years ago: Reggie Miller scores 8 points in 8.9 seconds

Reggie Miller is the best player to have ever put on a Pacers uniform. Even several years after retiring, Miller is still considered a god in the Hoosier state. He could run for governor of […]