VIDEO: Swalwell campaign getting desperate, absurd with their money asks

The first Democrat Party primary debates are coming up in June. However, not all 23 Democrats are going to make it up on the debate stage. In an attempt to keep the debate from being […]


Eric Swalwell virtue signals again, gives cringeworthy answer on his race, inexperience

California Rep. Eric Swalwell is one of the 23 Democrats running for president. He’s also one of the many people running who has absolutely no chance at getting the nomination. However, despite his less than […]

What? Eric Swalwell compares 9/11, bombing of Pearl Harbor to Mueller Report

Eric Swalwell is an elected official in a position to help pass laws that affect our lives.  Also, for someone reason, the California Democrat has launched a 2020 presidential bid. Swalwell is not much for […]