Rep. Adam Schiff: AG Barr is ‘second most dangerous man in the country’

Democrats in Congress badly want to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump but leadership is afraid what they may mean for Trump, and more importantly, for themselves in 2020. That’s what we call gutless, […]

Former AG Eric Holder: ‘When exactly did you think America was great?”

Eric Holder was our nation’s top lawyer in the Obama administration and up until a few months ago, Holder was actually considering running for President of the United States. Despite achieving such career and personal […]

Former AG Eric Holder decides against presidential run

While every nearly every Democrat in existence is running or is contemplating a run for president. One just said thanks, but no thanks. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that he will not seek […]

Former AG Eric Holder is also considering White House run

Another Democrat is thinking about getting into the race for president. Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder said that he too is considering a run for the White House. In order to help him […]