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Barack and Michelle Obama coming to a TV near you?

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, could be headed to the small screen. That’s right, the former President is reportedly in talks with Netflix to produce original programming for the streaming service.

According to the New York Times, Obama wouldn’t use the platform to directly respond to the Trump administration or those who aren’t fond of 44.

Apparently, nothing is final yet but show ideas for the former occupants of the White House have been mentioned. One being Barry moderating topics that came up during his administration. Seriously, anyone who thinks that wouldn’t devolve into Obama condescendingly lecturing those on the panel is simply kidding themselves.

Any who, those who aren’t fans of Obama have reacted as expected, with total and complete outrage.

Really, are we that surprised? Netflix really isn’t the most conservative of platforms.

They produced a film about the former president and have original programs like “Dear White People,” “Disjointed,” and “Orange is the New Black.” This move by Netflix isn’t coming out of nowhere. Besides that, last time I checked the user selects which movies/shows play on the television, iPhone or computer screen.



Trump to meet with video game execs to discuss school violence..yes, seriously

Donald Trump, The President of the United States, The Commander in Chief, is set to meet with video game executives about…school violence.  I’m not kidding.

The planned meeting – expected to happen sometime next week – was announced by Trump’s press secretary Thursday. Just like his “skip due process and just take the guns,” this meeting with video game execs seems to be another ridiculous, misguided attempt to lessen violence in schools.

Listen, children being brutally murdered in the classroom is an extremely serious issue. No children should ever go to school fearing for their life. But are we sure consulting the makers of Call of Duty is the right way to go about it?

Yes, video games are a billion-dollar industry, and those games often depict violence, at times graphically. But anyone who would feel compelled to commit horrific acts of violence after seeing Agent 47 gun down someone likely has bigger, probably mental health issues. That person is likely to exhibit warning signs, in which, if action is taken by the proper authorities, something could be done.

For instance, look at the institutional failure on essentially every level in the Florida shooting. The FBI knew about Nikolas Cruz, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department received call after call, – even from the shooter himself – about Cruz’s potential for violence. The school also knew about Cruz, but yet no one did anything….nothing.

One has to wonder why Trump hasn’t said a word about any of this? Yet, he goes after guns, the NRA, and now, apparently the entertainment industry.

Apparently, in a meeting last week with lawmakers, the President suggested a rating system for films and video, reportedly saying:

“I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts. And you go one further step and that’s the movies. … Maybe they have to put a rating system for that.”

Maybe he’s just not aware, but last time I checked, there was already a rating system in place for both movies and video games. Heck, television programs have had a rating system for something like the last 10-15 years.

Maybe, I’m wrong. Maybe going after video games and movies, legislating the content in our entertainment is the way to go. Maybe that’s the answer. Somehow though, I don’t think altering  Pac-Man, Mario or Lara Croft will do much.




New Snoop Dogg Single Cover Depicts Dead President Trump

Did Snoop learn nothing from the Kathy Griffin stunt earlier this year?  Today, the Compton rapper shared the cover of his new single “Make America Crip Again” on his Instagram account. The image of the rapper shows him holding a drink while standing over a flag draped over a dead body labeled “Trump.”


The song which opens with “The president said he wants to make America great again/F*ck that sh*t, we’re going to make America crip again” and goes on to take a swing at Trump’s NFL comments last month. ““As I look around I see so many millionaires with skin like mine, don’t pretend that I’m with that bullsh*t your president been tweeting/Colin Kaepernick was blackballed… This still America with three K’s, believe that sh*t.”

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to anti-Trump sentiments. Earlier this year he released a music video where he assassinated the President who was dressed as a clown.

Is pretending to murder the President of the United States now considered performance art?

We get that you’re upset the election didn’t go your way. Really. But it’s time to move past it.


*Update: Snoop Dogg has deleted the image from his Instagram for now.


Eminem’s Freestyle Rap Blasts Trump at BET Hip Hop Awards

Add Detroit rapper Eminem to the list of Trump haters. Last night at the BET Hip Hop Awards,  the fifteen time Grammy Award winner blasted the President in an impassioned freestyle rap that touched on everything from his tan, North Korea, Puerto Rico to the comments Trump made about the NFL.


And if you’re an Eminem fan who voted for Trump? Here’s what he has to say about you:

I’m drawing in the sand a line, you’re either for or against,

And if you can’t decide who you like more and you’re split,

On who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: F— you

The full lyrics can be found here.

It’s fine for Eminem and all the other celebrities to have an opinion about politics. They are people too and have the same free speech that the rest of us enjoy as citizens but when you start alienating parts of your fan base that’s put millions of dollars in your bank account, it comes across as pretty unappreciative. Like it or not, if musicians and actors/actresses want to continue to have success in the entertainment industry, they’re going to need middle America to buy their albums and see their movies.

And in an already hostile political climate, screaming that you “f–king hate Trump” is not helpful. It’s also ironic that the same Hollywood who proclaims “love Trumps hate” and “love wins” applauds Eminem for using his platform to take a stand. Also ironic that this comes from the same crowd who just a few years ago criticized the rapper for his violent and misogynistic lyrics.

The rapper is gearing up for the release of his eighth studio album and is no stranger to rapping about politics – he’s taken on everyone from Hillary Clinton to George Bush in previous efforts so it’s probably a good bet that this next album will be highly political since that’s all Hollywood can seem to churn out these days.


Hollywood, do get back to entertaining at some point

Last night Hollywood celebrated and recognized the best in television at their annual Emmy Awards. Stephen Colbert served as host to the yearly bash of millionaires giving other millionaires awards for doing their jobs. Anyway, anyone who thought the entire occasion wouldn’t devolve into a series of pretentious Hollywood celebrities espousing their highly sought after thoughts and feelings on Trump were only kidding themselves.

Right off the bat, host Stephen Colbert hits Trump about his pardoning of Joe Arpaio, the that fact the Trump never won an Emmy as the reason he ran for president, and even replayed a clip from a debate. He also had a crack about Emmys going to the winner of popular vote, unlike the presidency.

Did you get that witty and clever joke? It’s supposed to be funny because Trump won the Electoral College and not the popular vote. Then the entire room applauds the brave remark, apparently having never heard of the Electoral College.

What is this thing of which you speak?

But never fear, several others felt the need to let us know their highfalutin opinion about President Trump.

Kumail Nanjiani, while presenting some award for something, cracked that those who have the ability to run, jump and scale walls, the very people the president fears/doesn’t like.

Additionally, Alec Baldwin sarcastically thanked the president, saying he’s your Emmy Mr. President, which of course received a roomful of applause. Because of you know, groupthink.

Kate McKinnon, in her acceptance speech, thanked Hillary Clinton? Possibly because if she didn’t she would’ve been named in Clinton’s book as a reason she lost the election.

But the most galling, sickening and utterly disgusting display of Hollywood being Hollywood last night goes to Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda. The trio of actresses came together because they made a movie together three decades ago and for some reason they felt we needed to be reminded of that fact.

Anyway, Fonda and Tomlin go on to say that it’s 2017 and they will not be controlled “by a lying, egotistical bigot.” Yes, because the president is controlling you, keeping you from making millions playing make believe.

Hollywood is a place for entertainment, and the soon those who inhabit that town realize it, the better. No one, at least anyone I know, has sat back and thought, “Before I vote, I wonder how Alec Baldwin or Lilly Tomlin feels on this candidate? Would they approve of my choice?”

C’mon, asking Hollywood for political advice would be like asking Hollywood for guidance or direction on marriage or morality. They don’t exactly have the best track record in either of those areas. And one could make the case that they don’t exactly have the best record in the area of entertainment, a lot more shows are canceled than stay on and as far as movies are concerned, just look at this summer’s box office returns.

But once again, at the next award show, those who get paid handsomely to portray someone else will likely feel the need to tell us what they think about Trump or the hot topic of the day. And if you do feel the desire to tell jokes, bash Trump, at least make them somewhat funny or clever.

But, Hollywood, here’s a thought and stay with me on this one: How about just entertaining?


So Sen. Ben Sasse is responsible for words Bill Maher said? Seriously?

According to the left and even some on the right, you’re now responsible for the words that come out of someone else’s mouth.  Seriously.

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse appeared on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night and at one point during the segment Maher, not Sasse used the n-word.  But before we go any further, let me say that yes, I agree, that the word is ugly and divisive.


Did you read that, right?  Maher said the racial slur, not the senator. However, that little fact didn’t stop social justice warriors from swooping in and condemning Sen. Sasse for what Maher said.

Just take a look at responses from mental giants on both sides of the political spectrum.

Are you people serious? A comedian says a racial slur, but somehow it’s the guy’s fault who didn’t say the word? Quick! Let’s begin investigating secondhand racial slur use. It apparently exists, according to some of the geniuses on Twitter.

Now,  several on the left have responded in typical fashion, attempting to hold Sasse responsible for someone else’s words and calling for Maher’s job. Really, now surprise there at all. However, several of the above tweets are from people on the right.  Can you guess which ones?

And I would guess a large number of those on the right criticizing Sasse for his appearance on Maher were/are Trump supporters.  Are you really sure you want to go down this road?

Donald Trump actually said this, not someone else.

Is this now the standard? We’re responsible for what another person says? If so, where does it end? Am I responsible for the thoughts I don’t express? Am I charged for something I didn’t buy? Am I charged for a crime I didn’t commit?

For those of you on the left and sadly, even those on of you on the right who are desperately reaching for something here, Sen. Sasse responded in a series of tweets to your stupidity.