Elizabeth Warren: I want to get rid of the Electoral College

Throughout this primary, Democrats have proposed far left ideas. They want to give everyone “free” health care, “free” college, want to implement the Green New Deal and want to confiscate guns from the hands of […]


Elizabeth Warren on camera lies about sending her children to private school

Good enough for you and I just not good enough for them. Elizabeth Warren loves to portray herself as the outsider fighting against the corrupt establishment in Washington and on Wall Street. She’s just a […]

Elizabeth Warren wants to ‘end traffic violence,’ gets roasted on Twitter

Sunday was “World Traffic Violence Remembrance Day.” Apparently, it’s a day to remember those who were killed by “traffic violence.” The thought behind the day is a good idea. Every year, thousands of people are […]

Elizabeth Warren talks ‘environmental justice’ in South Carolina to nearly empty auditorium

After a very bumpy start, Elizabeth Warren seems to have rebounded and has managed to get herself in the top tier of Democrats running for president. Depending on what poll you check out, Warren is […]