VIDEO: Lou Dobbs admits its been hard finding ‘actual proof’ of election crimes he’s convinced happened

Ever hear or read something that makes you stop, shake your head and question your sanity? Well, in today’s political climate that likely happens several times a day. Trump sycophant and Fox Business anchor Lou […]

What? Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis calls out Biden for undermining ‘the rule of law by stealing an election’

Law degrees must be handed out like candy today. You get a law degree! You get a law degree! We all get law degrees! Seriously, how else can you possibly explain the people who make […]

Murdoch-owned NY POST: Mr. President…Stop the Insanity

President Trump and his campaign’s legal team can and likely will continue to file more ridiculous lawsuits as they attempt to overturn results of an election. And just as quickly as they file those suits, […]

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: ‘The president is wrong,’ says ‘it’s over’

The presidential election is over, the winner has been decided as Democrat Joe Biden will take over in the White House on Jan. 20, 2021. However, President Trump and those on TV and social media […]