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New Messer campaign ad is about ‘the forgotten men and women’

More and more political ads are starting populate the airwaves. And unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

As the primary quickly approaches, the Luke Messer campaign has released yet another ad. But this one is slightly different.

While Messer still wants you to know he’s firmly “pro-Trump” and very much so, this one kind of brings his message home. He talks about his mother’s struggles as a single parent, trying to make ends meet working at factory while raising two boys.  He makes it personal and voters are likely to respond to such an ad.

In just 30 seconds, the ad helps to make Messer a much more likable and relatable figure. It’s easily the campaign’s best ad and it leaves you wondering why didn’t they lead off with this one?



Trump congratulates Putin on election win, upset about leak

Vladimir Putin will be the top guy in the Russian government for at least the next six years. Putin recently won re-election with more than 75 percent of the vote, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone who thought that Putin wouldn’t be re-elected is fooling themselves. Russia really doesn’t have, what is referred to as “free and open” elections.

Regardless, this is not the only release why Putin’s re-election has gained attention as of late.

Apparently, in a call with the Russian leader, President Trump actually congratulated the former KGB agent on his re-election. Why the orange one felt compelled to give Putin a pat on the back for his sham win, escapes me.

Others, including Sen. McCain, are also bewildered as to why Trump would do such a thing.

But things get worse for President Trump. Apparently, Trump received national security briefing papers specifically instructing him not to do give Putin a pat on the back.

Now Trump is said to be furious about the leak. Fine. Sure. He should be upset. But why in the world did someone have to tell the president it probably wasn’t the best of ideas to tell congratulate Putin? Why was that necessary? Should’ve been a matter of common sense, right?

Then one has to ask why did Trump feel compelled to ignore that advice? Makes no sense, none.



Sen. Donnelly: Time to update that resume

There are few things that get people angrier than lying or being a hypocrite. Seriously, is there anything more maddening then Al “I’m a bore” Gore lecturing about climate change and how we must change our habits immediately or suffer a fiery death as he jets around the world in a private plane? Or what about a Hollywood actor informing the masses of their rampant closed-mindedness while they refer to anyone with a differing opinion as a bigot?

However, make that liar or hypocrite a politician, as not-President Gore, and blood pressures will rise, four-letter words are sure to fly and that government official is likely to be voted out of office.

Right or wrong, lawyers and politicians are already perceived by most of the population to be sneaky, underhanded, looking to enrich themselves while not working in the best interests of their client or voters. Whenever anyone in those aforementioned professions is caught acting in a manner that plays into most peoples’ perception it’s unlikely that person ever shakes being branded a liar, hypocrite or both.

Well, after this week Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly might want to consider updating that resume.

That’s because according to an AP article, Indiana’s senior senator was found to be profiting from outsourcing. The article states Stewart Superior, a family-owned business run by Donnelly’s brother, has been shipping labor to Mexico for $3 an hour. The article goes on to say Donnelly made between $15,001-$50,000 from the company stock dividends in 2016 alone.

This all becomes a major problem for the senator because he had an issue when Carrier Corp., an Indianapolis-based company, announced the decision to shutdown an Indy factory and move the jobs to Mexico. In fact, Donnelly called the move nothing more than going after cheap labor in Mexico.

When another company, Rexnord, announced they were planning to shutdown their Indy facility and move to Mexico, Donnelly was again up in arms about the loss of jobs. He said “when corporations make decisions like this, Hoosier families and our communities pay the price.”

Yes, they do senator. Yes, they do.

But never fear, after the AP story came out detailing Donnelly’s hypocrisy, he says he will now be selling his stock in Stewart Superior. Donnelly said the move was done to keep his hypocrisy from becoming “a distraction from our work to end outsourcing and keep American jobs here instead of shipping them to other countries.”


But shouldn’t one get their own house in order before calling out others?  Just a thought though.

This comes at an especially bad time for Donnelly, who is up for re-election in 2018…in historically red Indiana.

His was already going to be a seat the Republicans were going to fervently attempt to retake next year, but with this week’s bombshell report, that target has grown considerably.

Jobs and the economy are issues that always come up during an election. Hoosiers aren’t likely to forget about Donnelly’s hypocrisy and profiting from outsourcing work to Mexico.

– BZ









Hillary Clinton still can’t properly evaluate her loss

Unfortunately, failure is a part of life. Whether it be not making the team, not getting into your dream school or any other scenario where we fall short of the intended goal, failure is something everyone deals with more than we’d like.

Now when failure inevitably strikes, there are really only two ways to deal with adversity. The first, and the most commonly used coping tactic is to externalize, blame outside forces for why I didn’t get what I wanted. The second is to simply examine oneself, internalize the defeat and look for areas in which to improve for the next opportunity.

In the case of Hillary “pantsuit” Clinton, she encountered monumental failure. Losing a presidential election to a man with no campaign/governmental experience, has a penchant for making up words and who throws Twitter temper tantrums on the regular. It was a layup. A sure thing. Clinton was destined to be the first female President of the United States.

Except, it didn’t happen that way. She lost. Trump won. He’s in the Oval Office and she’s giving speeches at luncheons, much like the one she gave Tuesday afternoon. During her talk/speech, she gave a very simple explanation for why she failed to beat the Donald: It was someone else’s fault.

According to the former First Lady, FBI Director James Comey is responsible for her loss. Clinton claims that if not for Comey coming out and informing Congress on Oct. 28 that the FBI was investigating a new batch of previously undiscovered emails between Clinton and Huma Abedin.

She even goes so far as to say that if the election were held Oct. 27, she would be in the White House.

Yes, that’s right Hillary. If not for James Comey and that dreaded calendar, Madame President would be our reality instead of just your wild fantasy.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton, it was James Comey who put an illegal, unprotected server in your basement. It was also James Comey who instructed you to completely botch Benghazi, falsely informing the American public, saying that a Youtube video was responsible for the attack when that wasn’t the case at all.

As I recall, it was also James Comey who pushed you to label an entire group of people as a “basket of deplorables.” He was also the fellow who set up your campaign’s itinerary and is to blame for not scheduling events in Wisconsin and Michigan. And he also forced you to run a campaign completely devoid of fresh ideas. Instead, Comey decided you should spout stale Democratic talking points and your laughably bad “I’m with Her” slogan.

If I remember right, he was also the same guy who gave you the totally unearned reputation of being untrustworthy and underhanded.

Yes, shame on you, James.

Despite the fact that most of the media was pulling for you, Hollywood celebrities were out on the campaign stump singing your praises and that the Democratic Presidential Primary was essentially fixed in your favor, it was still James Comey’s fault.

No, it couldn’t be that you possess the charisma of a wet mop and exude the warmth of an industrial freezer.

As is often uttered, your attitude, your thinking is exactly why Trump won.

You had the layup of elections, Mrs. Clinton and you threw up a brick.

But don’t worry Mrs. Clinton, you can rest easy knowing that you were fouled on the attempt and James Comey was the referee who turned a blind eye during the shot.

James Comey is the reason for your failure, not you at all.

That darn James Comey.

– BZ