Moron: Woman refuses to wear mask in dental office, says she ‘consulted her lawyer’ before visit

People are straight up idiots. There really isn’t any other way in which to put it. The majority of the population is nothing more than a bunch of braindead, entitled loudmouthed morons who insist on […]

Larry Kudlow: ‘There is no second wave coming’

Larry Kudlow is the National Director of the Economic Council. Kudlow, a member of the Trump administration, appeared on CNBC Monday morning where he discussed the economy and the coronavirus. During his appearance, Kudlow names […]

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine: ‘I am the office holder,’ ‘The buck stops with me’

During the current coronavirus pandemic, most have looked to the nation’s governor’s for leadership and direction on the issue. It’s been the governor’s that have put in place measures concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, whether it […]

Trump: ‘I disagree very strongly’ with Georgia governor’s decision to open economy

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced this week he plans to open several businesses and other facilities previously shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kemp’s announcement comes after President Trump’s insistence that a number of […]