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Comedian Kevin Hart rips Trump at VMAs: ‘In your face Trump, suck it’

At one point in time MTV used to play actual music and show music videos. Not anymore. No, now it’s a channel that consists of programs of pregnant teenagers and idiotic, tanned morons. But, hey I guess if that’s what your audience likes, go for it MTV!

Anyway, every year MTV holds the Video Music Awards, which are are commonly known as the VMAs. It’s basically a terrible way to waste two hours of your life, where “woke” celebrities handout awards to other “woke” celebrities whose songs are primarily played on Top 40 radio.

In order to entice more 12 and 13-year-olds to tune in MTV hires the big celebrity at the moment. This year that meant comedians Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish were given the gig. Prior to handing out any of the meaningless awards, the two hosts opened the show by joking and riffing on a number of topics. Trump was the butt of most of their jokes, receiving the majority of their scorn. Kevin Hart in particular made it known that he’s not a fan of the president.

For instance, Kevin Hart told the audience “they can kneel, this isn’t the NFL. There isn’t no old white man, you can do whatever the hell you want” of course referring to Trump’s stance towards the NFL and the national anthem. Hart went on to say “anything can happen, go to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets. It’s basically a typical day at the White House. In your face Trump, suck it.”

Now, that’s fine. Get political with the comedy, alienate half of your audience. For a guy who does absolutely every film he’s offered, this isn’t a smart play economically. But if you’re going to do this kind of comedy at least be funny. Those four minutes of Hart and Haddish just going on and on is anything but funny. And I’m not the only one who had that reaction.

Netflix cancels ‘comedian’ Michelle Wolf’s show

Get ready, because abortion-loving, men-hating feminazis have most certainly found their newest cause: accusing Netflix of blatant and obvious sexism.

Why? Well, the streaming service recently aborted “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s program,”The Break with Michelle Wolf.”

Now, you may be asking ‘well, what were the ratings for Ms. Wolf’s show? Did it merit cancellation?’ Both fair and obvious questions, but Netflix doesn’t release ratings for their programming.  So, we’re not sure how poorly the show performed.

But let’s be real for a minute, if people were actually watching her show, do you really think Netflix would’ve axed it? C’mon, Netflix is in the business of making money. Plus, they also canned “The Joel Mchale Show with Joel Mchale,” despite it being a show featuring a white male with a title that just rolls right off the tongue.

If you’ve never caught a second of Ms. Wolf’s program, which apparently, is most of the population, here’s a little bit of some of her best stuff:

Funny, knee-slapping stuff, right? Well, the execs over at Netflix apparently didn’t think so.

But hey, Michelle, just remember, much like your view on abortion, cancelling a show isn’t killing a show, it’s just stopping a show from happening.


New York Gov. Cuomo says America ‘never was that great,’ Republicans respond perfectly

Politicians, for all the intelligence they want you and I to believe they possess, can sure make idiotic statements and do awfully dumb things.

For example, liberal Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo really stepped up the stupidity with a statement he made Thursday. According to the governor of the Empire State, “we’re not going to make America great again – it was never that great.”

Remember, this is coming from a sitting governor. What makes Cuomo’s moronic pronouncement even worse is the fact that he’s running for a third term as governor of New York. Cuomo is currently being challenged by Democratic socialist and Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, who is running to the left of him.

Of course, President Trump had a response to Cuomo’s absurd, progressive-vote-seeking remark.

Anyway, Republicans in New York had the absolutely best response to the super woke governor’s stupid remark: a bus ticket to Canada.

It’s currently unknown if the governor has accepted the one-way ticket to the Great White North, but here’s hoping!

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly meets with Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh

Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly met with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Wednesday.

Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. If confirmed, this will be President Trump’s second appointment to the highest court in the land.

However, while the Republicans do hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate, Trump and the Republicans will likely need a few Democrat votes here and there in order to confirm Kavanaugh.

Why? Well, no one is quite sure what the health of Arizona Sen. John McCain will be like at the time of the vote and Sens. Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are wildcards, who may or may not vote for Trump’s man.  So, enter blue-dog Democrats.

Sen. Donnelly is an extremely conservative Democrat when compared to the likes of his fellow party members Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren. Also, add to the mix the Donnelly is currently in a tough re-election campaign against Republican Mike Braun in Indiana, a state that went overwhelmingly for Trump just a little less than two years ago.

He’s the perfect kind of Democrat to vote for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, right?

Well, not so fast.

Apparently, Donnelly is still undecided according to the statement put out by his office.

But let’s be honest, Donnelly is a tough position when it comes to his vote for Kavanaugh.

He doesn’t vote for Kavanaugh, pleases Schumer and the rest of Democratic party leadership, but angers Hoosiers and independents, soft Republicans that would’ve voted for him in November. He votes to confirm Kavanuagh, angers Schumer and his Democratic buddies in D.C. and Democrats back home in Indiana.

Let’s remember Donnelly voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first appointee to the Supreme Court nominee.

My guess: He votes for Kavanaugh and hopes it doesn’t hurt him too badly with Democrats right before his re-election chances.

Trump calls Omarosa a ‘lowlife,’ ‘dog’

What is Donald Trump doing? Seriously, what is the President of the United States thinking?

In his normal ill-advised routine of posting his thoughts to social media in the morning, Trump referred to Omarosa as a “dog.” What are you thinking, prez?

I understand Trump is a “counterpuncher” and this kind of thing plays well with his base but it’s frankly beneath the office of The President of The United States. A little class every now and then from the man occupying the Oval Office isn’t a bad thing.

In case you didn’t know, former BFFs and “The Apprentice” costars, Trump and Omarosa are feuding.

Omarosa has accused Trump of using the N-word while on “The Apprentice,” going so far as to say there is a tape that exists with Trump saying the racial slur. Of course, Trump denies the allegation.

If the tapes exist of The Donald saying the N-word, produce them. Show us. No, instead this is all an orchestrated media circus by Omarosa to sell more copies of her book, which is set to hit shelves Tuesday.

Trump has to be, or at least one would hope he’d be smarter than to get into these kind of pointless tiffs. And if the woman really was such a “lowlife,” as Trump refers to her, why did he put her on his campaign? Why did he give her a position in the White House?

It also goes the other way as well. If Trump is such a racist, if he’s such a bigot, why accept a position on his campaign? Why would you go to work for the man at the White House?

The whole thing is more than a bit ridiculous.


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