Actress says if men had periods they’d be celebrated

Within the feminist movement, there’s the idea that women are shamed for having periods. Many believe feminine hygiene products should be tax free and that the so-called “Pink Tax” punishes women for something they can’t […]


TRAILER: ‘Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes’

If you’re political in absolutely anyway, watch television news or, really even own a television, you’re probably familiar with Roger Ailes. Ailes, best known as the chairman and CEO of Fox News, was a polarizing […]

Michael Moore’s latest flick bombs; he apparently doesn’t understand this

Audiences apparently weren’t feeling Michael Moore’s latest flick, “11/9.” The Democratic socialist’s film, with a title referring to the day after Trump’s election, takes a look at the current state of America. According to the […]

Roe documentary on Netflix cuts interviews with pro-life women

Documentaries can be deceiving because they only tell you what the filmmaker wants you to see. Netflix’s new documentary Reversing Roe is no exception. Watch the trailer below. Released on Sept. 13th, Roe is according to […]