DNC Chair Tom Perez: Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a ‘coward’

Democrats are still struggling to make sense and accept the fact that Robert Mueller did not indict President Trump and that there was no collusion found between his campaign and the Russians. Democrat after Democrat […]


Bill Maher goes after Dems for refusing to give Fox News primary debate

Last week, the National Democratic Party chair Tom Perez announced that his party would not be giving Fox News a primary debate. Instead, they would be giving their debates to the other stations where the […]

DNC will not allow Fox News to have a debate

It’s still a while before the Democrats begin debating one another, duking it out for the right to go up against President Donald Trump in the general election. Heck, another dozen or so candidates could […]

VIDEO: DNC Chair Tom Perez says ‘a vote for Howard Schultz is a vote for Donald Trump’

The Democrats are scared to death that former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz  is going to run for president as an Independent. At this point, Schultz and not the Democrats’ candidates and their pie-in-the-sky astronomically expensive […]