Survey: Chick-fil-A is teens’ favorite restaurant

Liberals aren’t going to be happy with this new finding. Turns out the restaurant the Left loves to hate is not just a favorite, but the favorite among teens. Not only take the top spot, […]


Republican Braun leads Donnelly in race for US Senate, according to latest poll

Election Day is now just two weeks away. Just two more weeks of terrible political ads all over your TV. Only 14 more days of crappy campaign literature crowding up your mailbox. It’s almost there, […]

Campaigning in Nevada, Obama says ‘I actually try to state facts’ and doesn’t make things up, Twitter responds

It’s a little more than two weeks until Election Day and Democrats and Republicans both and making their last-minute pitches in order to sway any undecided voters. Now, one place the Democrats are making a […]

Trump retires ‘Lyin’ Ted,’ gives him new nickname

During the most recent presidential primary, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz started out somewhat friendly, even complimenting each other at times. However, as the primary season progressed and the number of candidates whittled, Trump gave […]