Subtle dig? Tulsi Gabbard thanks Harris for contribution to presidential race

It could be argued that Tulsi Gabbard ended Kamala Harris’ campaign. During one particular testy and frankly, surprising exchange, Gabbard viciously attacked Harris’ record as California’s attorney general. That was certainly the moment everyone was […]

Gabbard campaign, Tulsi’s sister calls Kamala Harris out for Fox News hypocrisy

Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign is on life support. After laying off staff and closing offices in a number of early primary states several weeks ago, it appears that it’s Iowa or bust for the Harris […]

Actor George Takei perfectly illustrates the hypocrisy of Dems in Hollywood

George Takei is a guy known for playing Zulu on Star Trek back in the 60s and not really much else. After his time on the popular television series 50 years ago, he hasn’t really […]