Joe Biden to union worker: ‘You’re full of s**t’

There are plenty of hot-button issues out there today. For instance, abortion, immigration, the debt and of course, gun rights are just a few. During a recent campaign stop, former Vice President Joe Biden was […]


Dem Sen. Chris Coons on Beto’s gun confiscation: That is a clip that’s going to be played for years

Well, after Thursday’s Democratic debate that party isn’t hiding their hate and disdain for the Second Amendment anymore. Robert Francis O’Rourke came out and said that he is entirely for the government confiscating guns from […]

REPORT: Former VP Joe Biden to launch presidential campaign

Yet another Democrat is set to announce a run for president: former Vice President Joe Biden. According to the Atlantic,  Biden will officially get into the race next week, releasing a video next Wednesday. This […]

Former VP Joe Biden may have revealed his 2020 plans

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still considering a run for president. We know this because he tells us he’s weeks away from coming to a final decision two or three times a month. Why […]