CNN to Fauci: ‘why weren’t you straight’ with Americans on herd immunity

A surprising question to Dr. Anthony Fauci from CNN’s Dana Bash. “Why weren’t you straight with the American people to begin with,” Bash asked on State of the Union. The two were talking about the […]

CNN’s Dana Bash: Impeachment isn’t something Nancy Pelosi wanted to do

The Democrats in the House will impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday. Since Trump took office they have essentially been trying to remove Trump from office. The Democrats and the media were absolutely convinced that the […]

VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard refuses to say if she’s a capitalist

The Democratic Party continues to move further and further to the left. On Sunday night, CNN held a town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. They event covered a wide range of issues; everything […]

Former Sen. Harry Reid ‘wishes for George W. Bush every day’

Harry Reid is no longer is the United States Senate. Reid left the senate in 2017. The former Nevada senator, who is no fan of Republicans, now wishes for a Republican president, or at least […]