Pete Davidson rescinds apology to Rep. Dan Crenshaw; Crenshaw responds with grace

In November of 2018, SNL comedian Pete Davidson ignited a firestorm when he made fun of Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s eye patch on the Weekend Update segment of the sketchy comedy show. “This guy is kind […]

AOC accuses Rep. Crenshaw of lending guns to domestic abusers, those with criminal records

Liberals do not like guns and for the most part, aren’t the biggest fans of the Second Amendment altogether. Every time there’s a shooting, they use the dead bodies to try and take away the […]

The Young Turks contributor: ‘America deserved 9/11’ and ‘brave soldier’ took Rep. Crenshaw’s eye

The Young Turks are a leftist Youtube channel that hate anything and everything even remotely conservative. Is Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for it? Well, then the crew over at The Young Turks are probably […]