New York Times writer calls out Rep. Crenshaw, deletes post after proven wrong

Fact checking isn’t all that difficult, especially when what you’re debating is a government document because, you know, the government has records. Apparently, that was proved too difficult for a New York Times writer before […]


Congressman Crenshaw: ‘Stop insulting Americans just because they vote for someone you don’t like’

People like to throw insults at one another if you vote for someone from the Republican Party.  Commonly used insults are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and a lot of other “isms” and “ists” I’m […]

Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw reaches out to Pete Davidson after Instagram post

People often look at celebrities and believe they have it all: fame, money and everything money can buy. Sometimes, no, often times, looks are deceiving. Last Saturday, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson posted […]