Glenn Beck plays Santa; pays off balance of layaway items at Texas Walmart, spends $27,000

Tyler Perry, Kid Rock and now Glenn Beck. The conservative commentator was feeling mighty generous recently. Apparently, Beck went into a Texas Walmart and decided to pay the remaining balance of all the items on […]

WATCH: Conservative commentator Allie Stuckey creates hilarious ‘Democratic campaign ad’

On Nov. 6, voters will head to the polls. They will have difficult decisions to make. What party will have control of the Senate? What party will have the majority in the House of Representatives? […]

Michelle Malkin responds to Hollywood’s anti-Kavanaugh ad: ‘Don’t just believe women because they’re women, believe evidence’

Recently, Hollywood told us in a surprisingly terrible ad that we must believe Ms. Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanuagh because, well because she’s a woman. Simply due to the fact that Ford says Kavanaugh assaulted […]