Former OAN correspondent claims decision to not get vaccine doesn’t affect anyone else

Because people refuse to get vaccinated the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Florida, Texas and other southern states continue to rack up the COVID-19 cases. The vaccine has been available for months. Most people, except those 12 […]

Republican Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson regrets banning mask mandates

In today’s highly partisan, hyper politicized world, nuance, regret and changing ones mind is not allowed, ever. Ever. Once you make a decision on an issue, you’re duty bound to that position for life. If […]

Tucker Carlson compares children wearing masks to child abuse

The coronavirus is still a thing. Yes, the vaccine is out and people are getting vaccinated but the virus is still around and active. Wearing face masks have been a suggested preventative measure against the […]

Meghan McCain calls for Fauci to be removed

Meghan McCain isn’t liked by Trump supporters due to the fact that her father was the late Sen. John McCain. She has also questioned former President Trump and those members of his administration. However, what […]