Game show host Chuck Woolery continues to push election fraud lie, conspiracy

“The election was stolen from Donald Trump. There was fraud, this election was obviously won by Donald Trump.” The Trump cult is having just a heck of a time coming to terms with the fact […]

DELUSIONAL: Trump cultist, former Survivor contestant says Biden ‘an illegitimate president,’ ‘won’t be there long’

Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday as the 46th President. Amazingly, this all happened even after all of those on the far right saying that Biden will […]

Conservative ‘American Thinker’ retracts articles, admits Dominion vote changing story is ‘completely false,’ ‘has no basis in fact’

Since the November election, there have been tons and tons of conspiracy theories that have made their way onto social media, on television and have come out of the mouths of presidential allies and President […]