Liberal, failed congressional candidate Pam Keith attacks Kellyanne Conway’s looks

Liberals say you should never ever put down a woman based on her looks or her weight. We should be all loving and all accepting. If you even have a thought about someone’s weight, it’s […]


Tempers flare: Mark Levin, Fox News’ Ed Henry spar about Trump – Ukraine phone call

The media will continue to discuss President Trump’s July 25 phone call with the president of Ukraine, much like they did about the Mueller investigation. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this week announced “an […]

Ironic: Ilhan Omar calls Ben Shapiro ‘a fool’ and ‘hateful’

Ilhan Omar and the other members of her “squad” aren’t fans of Jews. They’ve made that abundantly clear on several occasions. On Monday, Omar held a press conference in which she said Israel is not […]