Nikki Haley accused of ‘hoping to hide under the cover of her skin color,’ she fires back

Liberals aren’t focused on skin color, really. At least that’s what they so desperately want us to think. But have you ever noticed what group is the quickest to call someone a racist? The number […]


Youtube demonetizes conservative commentator Steven Crowder’s channel

The mob is angry once again and conservative commentator Steven Crowder is their latest victim. On Wednesday, Youtube announced that they were demonetizing Crowder’s page. Update on our continued review–we have suspended this channel’s monetization. […]

WATCH: Actor Kelsey Grammer says Washington has been a bunch of clowns for 50, 60 years

Hollywood is a town full of liberals that’s really not a secret. For a group that believes themselves to be so creative and so individualistic, there seems to be massive groupthink when it comes to […]