OK? Tlaib: ‘You shouldn’t even want to have sex with me’

Again, Democrats are obsessed with killing the unborn. And anyone who disagrees with them or is for anything other than unfettered access to the procedure is a nothing more than a sexual deviant, according to […]

Rep. Tlaib held Rep. Omar’s hand during ‘moments of triggering’ during SOTU

There are some people who simply cannot take hearing another opinion or point of view. If confronted with an opinion they don’t wholeheartedly agree with these weak-minded individuals will get lash out usually in anger. […]

Rep. Rashida Tlaib leads crowd in ‘impeach the motherf**ker’ chant

Democrats have decided that they are going to give impeachment, at least in the House, a try. While it may pass the House of Representatives, it’ll die in the Senate where Republicans hold the majority. […]

Rep. Tlaib: Scientists were saying secondhand smoke is worse than directly smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes cause cancer. Every pack of cigarettes and every moronic, mind-numbingly dumb anti-smoking commercial tell us this fact. I’m not a smoker, never picked up a cigarette but people have the right to light […]