AOC: ‘You can’t pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. It’s physically impossible’

There are a lot of dumb people in this world. Regardless of party affiliation, gender, race or anything else, this problem touches many and it doesn’t discriminate. The problem comes into play when these particular […]

Woman at AOC town hall: ‘We need to eat the babies’

In America, we have the right to free speech and to question those in positions of power. We can speak out on issues that we’re passionate about and those topics we believe aren’t getting the […]

Former head of ICE to AOC: Never seen such hate toward law enforcement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t big on law enforcement working to protect our southern border. But she’s all about getting attention for….well, herself. She even used the “manufactured crisis” on our souther border to stage several photos […]

After Omar & Tlaib denied entry, Ocasio-Cortez refusing to travel to Israel

The nation of Israel is likely distraught tonight. Not because liberals are calling them racists and bigots for refusing to allow Democratic representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into their country, but for a very […]