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Ind. 8th District Congressman Bucshon skipping debate; cites ‘scheduling conflict’

The Indiana May primary is just a little more than a month away.  Without a doubt the biggest race to be decided on May 8 will be what Republican will face Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in the fall.

However, several other races will also be decided. One of those being the Republican primary in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District. Currently, Republican Larry Bucshon occupies the seat and has since 2011.

But while debates are generally apart of running for office, Bucshon doesn’t seem to want to do that time-honored campaign activity. Instead, Bucshon would rather go to dinner.

Bucshon has two challengers vying for the Republican nomination, Richard Moss and Rachel Covington. And on May 2 in Evansville, Indiana, at 7 p.m. the candidates – minus Bucshon – will take part in a debate.

But what will Indiana’s sitting 8th District congressman be doing instead of discussing topics that matter to voters in his district?  He’ll be at the Sullivan County Republican dinner.

But don’t worry. Apparently, he really wanted to be there.

A Bucshon spokesman said:

“Unfortunately, we’ve got a scheduling conflict that night. It’s the Sullivan County (GOP) Lincoln Day dinner. So he’s attending that. He’s been doing all of those throughout the district, so he’s going to have to go to that.”

From Bucshon’s perspective, a debate can only hurt him and help his challengers and Bucshon and his team obviously know this. It’s just infuriating that someone asking for your vote, especially the incumbent, can’t be bothered to attend a debate, to answer questions about topics important to his constituents.

Oh well, Larry enjoy the dinner!




Actress Stacey Dash ends bid for Congress

While Congress may be filled with many clueless people, it will not have anyone who starred in the film “Clueless.”

That’s because actress Stacey Dash has ended her congressional bid in California. Dash made the announcement Friday, posting a statement to Twitter.

Dash said she “believes the overall bitterness surrounding the political process, participating in the rigors of campaigning, and holding elected office would be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of my family.”

The Republican and former Fox News contributor bows out of the race after filing to run in California in February.

It’s unlikely Dash would’ve won, considering she was running in heavily Democratic California. Even though she’s a female and a person of color, she would’ve had an “R” by her name and while Dems may drone on and on about diversity, having a “D” by the candidate’s name comes before race, gender or sexual orientation.


A loss is still a win?

Last night in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, an election was held in order to replace Tom Price, who vacated his seat after being selected by Pres. Trump to become Secretary of Health and Human Services. And the Democrats were ready. It was their time. On Tuesday April 18th, the Democrats were ready to #Flipthe6th!

John Ossoff was going to win election to Congress this month, it was going to happen. This election was going to be the biggest middle finger to Pres. Trump, his agenda, Republicans in Congress and anyone who has ever voted for a Republican or even uttered the word “Republican”, ever.

Except it didn’t. Ossoff didn’t win the election outright. Instead, he fell short of the 50 percent threshold.

Simply put, Democrats didn’t #Flipthe6th! But never fear, failing to win election is still a win.

Only in the world and minds of our friends on the left is a loss still a win.  Think I’m wrong?

And then here’s this little gem of pure genius.

Ossoff won 48.1 percent of the vote, short of the 50 percent needed to win outright election.  Now, Ossoff and the Republican, Karen Handel head to a runoff election in June.

But Georgia was the one. This was the election! This was going to be the biggest referendum on Trump yet. And before Georgia, it was Kansas and there the Democrat went on to lose. Never you mind, Kansas really didn’t count. It was a run through for the big one, Georgia. Georgia was really on the Dems’ mind and everyone knew that, right?

Now, Karen Handel may very well go on to lose to Ossoff in June. It could happen. But to keep calling what happened last night “a near miss” when your objective was to win the election still doesn’t change the fact that you loss.

I “nearly missed”getting that job. I “nearly missed” winning the lottery. I “nearly missed” exercising today.

We’re not saying Congressman-elect Ossoff today, right? But remember, a loss is still a win.

Participation trophies for everyone!

– BZ