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Ind. 8th District Congressman Bucshon skipping debate; cites ‘scheduling conflict’

The Indiana May primary is just a little more than a month away.  Without a doubt the biggest race to be decided on May 8 will be what Republican will face Indiana Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly in the fall.

However, several other races will also be decided. One of those being the Republican primary in Indiana’s 8th Congressional District. Currently, Republican Larry Bucshon occupies the seat and has since 2011.

But while debates are generally apart of running for office, Bucshon doesn’t seem to want to do that time-honored campaign activity. Instead, Bucshon would rather go to dinner.

Bucshon has two challengers vying for the Republican nomination, Richard Moss and Rachel Covington. And on May 2 in Evansville, Indiana, at 7 p.m. the candidates – minus Bucshon – will take part in a debate.

But what will Indiana’s sitting 8th District congressman be doing instead of discussing topics that matter to voters in his district?  He’ll be at the Sullivan County Republican dinner.

But don’t worry. Apparently, he really wanted to be there.

A Bucshon spokesman said:

“Unfortunately, we’ve got a scheduling conflict that night. It’s the Sullivan County (GOP) Lincoln Day dinner. So he’s attending that. He’s been doing all of those throughout the district, so he’s going to have to go to that.”

From Bucshon’s perspective, a debate can only hurt him and help his challengers and Bucshon and his team obviously know this. It’s just infuriating that someone asking for your vote, especially the incumbent, can’t be bothered to attend a debate, to answer questions about topics important to his constituents.

Oh well, Larry enjoy the dinner!




Actress Stacey Dash ends bid for Congress

While Congress may be filled with many clueless people, it will not have anyone who starred in the film “Clueless.”

That’s because actress Stacey Dash has ended her congressional bid in California. Dash made the announcement Friday, posting a statement to Twitter.

Dash said she “believes the overall bitterness surrounding the political process, participating in the rigors of campaigning, and holding elected office would be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of my family.”

The Republican and former Fox News contributor bows out of the race after filing to run in California in February.

It’s unlikely Dash would’ve won, considering she was running in heavily Democratic California. Even though she’s a female and a person of color, she would’ve had an “R” by her name and while Dems may drone on and on about diversity, having a “D” by the candidate’s name comes before race, gender or sexual orientation.


Instead of issues, Rokita campaign sets up anti-Messer website…because?

Indiana’s primary is set for May 8 and easily, the biggest race to be decided will the Republican U.S. Senate Primary.

Sitting Indiana Congressmen Todd Rokita and Luke Messer as well as businessman Mike Braun are all vying to become the Republican to take on Democrat Joe Donnelly in the fall.

So, far the race has been about who can tie themselves to Trump the most, as all three have emphatically said they are wholeheartedly “Pro-Trump” on multiple occasions. That’s fine and dandy, but voters want to hear original ideas. What are your solutions to problems? Why are you the best Republican to take on Donnelly? You know, talk about the issues.

Well, instead of talking about anything really substantive, the Rokita campaign found it necessary to set up a website dedicated entirely to “finding Luke Messer.” 

The site is in reference to Messer having a residence in Virginia and not keeping a house in Indiana, selling it in 2012 when elected to Congress. In addition to this coming out early in the campaign, Messer has since been reelected to Congress multiple times. Doesn’t really sound like his constituents have a problem with it, but it didn’t stop the Rokita campaign from throwing something at the wall and hope it sticks.

The website also says “Last seen in the Swamp,” referring to Messer with a form to fill out in order to get updates on “his whereabouts.”

It’s also funny coming from a guy who uses public money to fund his campaigns, when he screams about draining the swamp and whose slogan is “Defeat the Elite.” Oh, there’s also the multi-page dossier that came out this past summer which states everything Rokita “requires” and how he is to be treated when being driven around his district.

It’s because of that kind of stuff that people don’t like politics and politicians. Instead of talking about real substantive differences between the candidates, campaigns and candidates stoop to this level of nonsense.

Hey Todd,  if you want to talk about a candidate’s “whereabouts,” please let voters know where you’ll be instead of the statewide televised Republican debate on April 30.

Please, please get back to the real issues. Voters deserve it.


Defeat the Elite? Driving Congressman Todd Rokita

Mariah Carey. Katy Perry. Rhianna. Kanye West.

Whatever your taste in music, you have to admit, all of the aforementioned artists have experienced major success.  They’ve had multiple songs and albums shoot up to #1, sold out arenas and other large capacity venues, while playing to thousands to adoring fans.  Oh, and they’ve made more money than most of us can imagine.

Another thing they all have in common? Crazy and diva-like demands.

According to a Business Inside article, before Mr. West performs he requires 1 box of toothpicks, 1 bottle of hot sauce, but not just any hot sauce. It must be Tabasco, Caribbean type and also, can you pick up 4 six packs of Heineken? Mr. Kanye West absolutely needs those as well.

Similarly, Katy Perry requires an “arrangement of pink fresh flowers,” 6 vitamin waters, plastic drinking straws and freeze dried strawberries before singing one of her chart-topping tunes.

Well, Katy and Kanye better move over and make room for …Todd Rokita? Seriously, he’s one needy guy and apparently, driving around the Indiana congressman requires an 8-page memo.

The memo details everything Rokita has to have in order to properly serve his constituency. For instance, if you’re going to chauffeur around Rokita you better have “the football”, an assortment of items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, bottled water, napkins, gum and hand sanitizer.

Also, you mustn’t engage in useless, “unnecessary conversation” with the congressman. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have the time. However, as the memo stipulates, you are allowed to talk to him if you’re asking to remind him to bring his phone and wallet.  Another situation where talking to his highness is permitted is if you are telling him about turns or sudden stops on way to his next speaking engagement.

While most could have anticipated that performers like Rhianna and Taylor Swift would have outrageous and absurd demands, to hear something similar of a congressman who “works for us” is absolutely ridiculous.

Why do we tolerate, adhere to the demands of someone like Kayne or Katy Perry? They sing a favorite song of ours, entertain us, and do so at a level a very small percentage of the population can, oh and we’re willing to pay premium prices to watch them do so.

What does a congressman do? They vote and give speeches…and let’s not forget the all important hand shaking.

Any idiot could be a congressman. Don’t believe me? Just look at some of the people Congress today.

My ultimate point being, congressmen can be easily replaced and for someone to “require” everything in the document is insane!  Not only that, the man is seeking a promotion.  Oh and get this, his campaign’s slogan is “Defeat the Elite.”  Yes, you read that right, the man who has the demands of a Grammy-winning artist has the balls to call other people elite?!

Defeat the elite indeed, congressman.




Republican Luke Messer officially announces Senate campaign

As expected, 6th District Congressman Luke Messer is running for U.S. Senate.

This really isn’t much of a surprised for anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes in the state of Indiana. Likely, the bigger surprise was how long it took his campaign to make it official

However, with a simple tweet, Messer announced his intentions Wednesday afternoon.

Now, Messer isn’t the only member of Indiana’s U.S. House delegation expected to throw their hat in the ring.

Very similar to Messer, 4th District Congressman Todd Rokita, is also to challenge for the Republican nomination.

Again, much like Messer, it’s more a question of when, not if Rokita will get in the race.

Now, when Messer and Rokita are both officially in the race, they’ll be battling one another for the chance to go up against Indiana’s senior senator, Democrat Joe Donnelly.

While theoretically the race to become Indiana’s next U.S. senator will come down to a race between whatever Republican survives the primary and Donnelly, that won’t really be the case.

The winner of the Republican primary will essentially be the Indiana’s next senator. Donnelly, while a pretty conservative Democrat, just has too much against him.

In 2012, when Donnelly was elected to the Senate, he ran against an extremely weak Republican candidate, Richard Mourdock. Additionally, just weeks before the election, Mourdock said “pregnancy from rape is something God intended.”

As you can imagine this comment got plenty of attention, not only in Indiana, but nationally.

Even with Mourdock being a perennial candidate, running for nearly every office imaginable in Indiana at one time or another, his comment getting national attention, Donnelly still only managed to win election by 4-5 percent.

This isn’t likely to be the case this time.

Indiana is a traditionally red state, Donnelly is a Democrat. Anyone who did not think the Republicans would sink a ton of money to take back this seat, which belonged to Richard Lugar for nearly four decades, is kidding themselves.

On top of all of this, the biggest hurdle to Donnelly’s reelection to the Senate will be the discovery that he profited from shipping American jobs overseas. This is a bad revelation in and off itself, but given the fact that Sen. Donnelly rails against companies for doing the very same thing and well, you’ve got a problem.

Republicans take back Indiana Democrats only statewide seat fairly easy next year.

Pres. Trump: We’re begging, please stay away from Twitter

I know, I know it’s been said over and over again, but the man sitting in the Oval Office really needs to say away from Twitter.

Listen, I get it. Social media helped him deliver his message directly to the American people, while cutting out the middle man (the media). In a 140 character message, he was able to say exactly what wanted to millions of Americans instantly.

Yeah….well, that and the hours upon hours of free media attention he received after saying one outrageous thing after the other during the campaign.

As a candidate running for the highest office in the land, the guy played the media to perfection. He gave everyone what they wanted. The media got the ratings they so desperately craved and his rabid supporters ate it up.

Social media played a big role in the Donald’s rise to the top of the pack in the Republican Primary and his eventual election as the 45th President of the United States.

But here’s the thing: He’s no longer a candidate for office. He is the president, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

Unfortunately, his social media practices have not changed since his election and he’s not doing himself any favors.

For example, here are a few of 45’s recent tweets:

Even if you are an absolute, 100 percent, can-do-no wrong backer of this president, how do any of this tweets help him in any possible way?

I’ll give you some time to come up with an answer.


Anything yet? No, nothing?

The tweets make him look  either sad, desperate or petty, none of which is a good look for a sitting president.

Also, since when does Congress work for the president?  Last I checked, their primary function was not protecting the president. Instead, they work for the American people and answer to the American people.

Let’s be honest here, while Trump may have been the lesser of two evils when it came to Hillary Clinton, he’d likely turn on any of them if it meant he’d benefit in some way.

Again, President Trump, put the phone down and back away from Twitter slowly…because Covfefe, you know?

– BZ

Overblown outrage over ‘Last Man Standing’ cancellation

Warning: I’m about to say something that is likely to upset my fellow conservatives. I don’t have a problem in the slightest with the cancellation of Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing, and I say this as a regular viewer of the program.

Listen, I get that as a conservative I’m supposed to be all up in arms about the axing of Allen’s sitcom, threaten to boycott the network and sign a petition demanding ABC reverse their decision. But I’m not.

Yes, it was a family-friendly show that didn’t have a problem poking fun at liberal ideas and Democratic politicians. Allen, as the show’s main character espoused conservative views often and regularly insulted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And unlike most shows today, its humor wasn’t mean spirited with most episodes ending on a positive note, usually with previously warring characters embracing in a hearty hug. And to top it off, the show was apparently one of the network’s highest rated shows.

But so what? The show lasted six seasons, it wasn’t like the show tried to hide its political point of view before last season. The show chided liberal sacred cows early on in its run. It’s not as if it just all of a sudden adopted a conservative point of view and the show was renewed five prior times.

Anyone who believes the entertainment industry doesn’t have a heavy liberal bent is either lying to themselves or is incredibly naive. However, while television executives are likely to align more with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi than with Marco Rubio and Ben Sasse, in the end they are all about the benjamins, regardless of their political affiliation. Executives in Hollywood want to keep their jobs and that means making their company as much money as possible. If Last Man Standing was such a cash cow, it wouldn’t have been cancelled. If it truly is such a money-making program, another network can and will pick it up. Why couldn’t CMT, Hulu or NetFlix snag up the show?

Also, those complaining that Last Man Standing was the American Broadcasting Company’s only current show with a conservative point of view are flat-out wrong. Ever hear of The Middle? Speechless? The Goldbergs? And to a lesser extent American Housewife?  All shows feature loving families, yes there are liberal aspects to each of those programs, but similar elements were present on Last Man Standing as well.

It’s also been thrown out there that another reason for the sitcom’s cancellation was Allen, personally, had become much more outspoken politically, as a conservative. That putting an end to his show was in large part due to Allen’s conservative political statements. Really? If I remember right, Patricia Heaton, the star of The Middle, isn’t afraid to make her feelings known on issues.

By the way The Middle was just renewed for its 9th season.

Look, I feel for Allen and the rest of the cast and crew who lost their jobs. But my point in all of this is that complaining about a cancelled television, yelling censorship because it was a conservative show with a conservative actor as the lead is a waste of time and energy. Also, calling on Congress to investigate ABC because of the show’s cancellation is complete and utter nonsense to the highest degree.


Hollywood is a liberal place, which produces generally liberal products, and whose foremost concern is to get the most return on their investment. If they think they can make more greenbacks by going another route, then that’s the direction they’re going to go.

In the end, money isn’t conservative or liberal, it isn’t pro-choice or pro-life, it’s not pro-Trump or never Trump, it has no ideology.

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