Tina Fey requests NBC pull ’30 Rock’ blackface episodes

At Tina Fey’s request, NBCUniversal has pulled several episodes of “30 Rock” from their streaming service Peacock and from syndication. The four episodes Fey requested to be pulled all contained characters that appeared in blackface. […]

2016 ‘Ghostbusters’ director says anti-Hillary movement, racism reason film failed

For the most part, whenever we fail to achieve or do something, we’ll look at outside forces that kept us from achieving whatever that intended goal may have been. Another good name for that kind […]

Kathy Griffin: ‘F**k Trump,’ ‘syringe with nothing but air’ would do the trick

In case you weren’t aware, Kathy Griffin isn’t exactly the biggest fan of President Trump. Several years ago the comedian posted several pictures of herself holding what was supposed to be the decapitated head of […]