Comedian Bill Burr tells a joke at Grammys; feminists now upset

Comedy is all about pushing boundaries, toeing the line and crossing it at times. Comedy also serves a way for us to look at society and laugh at the stupidity that exists in the world. […]

Kathy Griffin: ‘F**k Trump,’ ‘syringe with nothing but air’ would do the trick

In case you weren’t aware, Kathy Griffin isn’t exactly the biggest fan of President Trump. Several years ago the comedian posted several pictures of herself holding what was supposed to be the decapitated head of […]

Actress Rose McGowan accuses Bill Maher of sexual harassment

The whole #MeToo movement and #BelieveAllWomen movement was nothing more than a liberal political movement disguised as protecting women from sexual predators. Simply look at how those in the media and on the left, including […]