CNN reporter under fire for controversial tweets

CNN isn’t a fan of President Trump, they’ve made that abundantly clear.  During the Kavanaugh hearings, CNN and the most of the media kept harkening back to things Brett Kavanaugh supposedly did in his past, […]


WATCH: Hawaii Sen. Hirono says Kavanaugh throwing ice is ‘why we need an FBI investigation’

How some people manage to get elected to public office is a mystery. One of those people is Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. This woman, much like the other Democrats in Congress, had their minds made […]

WATCH: Lindsey Graham tells CNN he doesn’t ‘give a sh*t’ what they think

Sen. Lindsay Graham has been on kind of a roll as of late. He essentially stole the show during the Kavanaugh hearing when he told Democrats and fickle Republicans what he truly thought of the […]

WATCH: Jake Tapper asks Ocasio-Cortez how to fund her policies, she makes it clear she has no idea

New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the government to give citizens everything simply because they exist. Some of her proposals include Medicare for all, free college, paid family leave and Social Security expansion. Ocasio-Cortez has […]