Greta Thunberg named TIME ‘Person of the Year’

Well, who didn’t see this one coming? On Wednesday, TIME magazine named Greta Thunbeg as their “Person of the Year” for 2019. Thunberg instantly became a media darling after her speech at the United Nations, […]


Sen. Mazie Hirono: Activists should believe in climate change as if it’s a religion

Today it’s not enough to simply believe in and support a political cause, it must be done with a religious-type zeal. Whether you’re caught up in the cult of personality of President Donald Trump or […]

Actress Jane Fonda defends recent arrests, says we only have 11 years left

Actress Jane Fonda is well-known for her political activism. Many on the right still less than affectionately refer to her as “Hanoi Jane” for her stunt anti-America stunt during Vietnam. Even at 81, the liberal […]