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Lawyer Sets Himself on Fire, Dies in Protest of Global Warming

This is a bizarre one.

David Buckel, a prominent lawyer that worked on the  “Boys Don’t Cry” rape murder case, intentionally set himself on fire in protest of global warming and climate change. His charred remains were discovered by people passing by, along with a suicide note.

The note was marked for the police and read,

“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather. Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

“Many who drive their own lives to help others often realize that they do not change what causes the need for their help,” Mr. Buckel wrote, adding that donating to organizations was not enough.

Noting that he was privileged with “good health to the final moment,” Mr. Buckel said he wanted his death to lead to increased action. “Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death,” he wrote.

Buckel also send his suicide note to The New York Times.

According to the New York Post, the people that saw the remains were horrified and a teacher passing by with a group of students had to shield them from the disturbing scene.

Buckel left his career as a high profile gay and transgender rights lawyer to become “an urban gardener and ecologist with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, helping run what he called the largest composting program in the country to use only renewable sources of energy.”

Sadly, he leaves behind a daughter and ex-wife who had no idea he was planning such a grisly and public display of protest.


Al Gore’s New Movie a Flop

The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth was released over the weekend and bombed big time at the box office, coming in at number 15. Maybe since NYC isn’t under water and the polar bears haven’t gone extinct, people aren’t buying in to Gore’s climate change facts like they were back in 2006?

On Twitter, #ReasonsNotToSeeAlGoresMovie is trending and some of the tweets are hilarious! We’ve rounded up a few of the best ones here.



Another day, another march

Ever since Donald Trump became president, the left has become obsessed with exercise. However, their choice workout is without question, walking. More specifically, marching. They continually ignore their upper body, and instead choose to exert physical stamina marching here, there and everywhere. Their arms, chest and most importantly, brain are completely ignored.

But seriously, the women have marched, the “scientists” have marched, those concerned about global warning and the geniuses worried about worker and immigrant rights have marched. These boots were made for marchin’ and they are gonna march all over you, until you completely agree with me and give me what I want!

Now, unlike conservative speakers on state-funded college campuses, liberals have every right to exercise their First Amendment rights. They can yell, stomp, shout and carry all the signs they want to their hearts’ content. That’s America. We may not like or agree with what they say, but stifling free speech anywhere is a danger to free speech everywhere.

But, they should probably better organize these things, and pace them out, they’re going to wear themselves out. Seriously, was it necessary to have both a march for science and a march for the climate? Also, Sunday there was a march for the climate and then the very next day, there was a march for “workers’ and immigrants’ rights.” Never mind, the march intended to secure workers’ rights was held on…. a Monday afternoon, when most people are at work. Is irony lost on these people?

Well, I for one just can’t wait for the next one. Oh, what will it be? The march to save the Pandas? The march for vegan, overweight, transexuals and their right to scratch themselves like a cat? The march to change the smurfs from blue to fuchsia? The possibilities are literally endless.

Pace yourselves liberals, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Happy Earth Day!


Today marks the 47th annual Earth Day celebration and in Washington D.C., huge crowds are gathering to take part in the global March for Science. According to the Washington Post, marchers are carrying signs with science themed statements like:

“In peer review we trust”

“The oceans are rising, and so are we”

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate”

With the new Trump administration rolling back environmental protections, scientists, hippies and Al Gore are worried. Liberals believe that climate change is our greatest enemy and if the government doesn’t do something about it NOW, we’ll all be dead in 10 years. But wasn’t it just 10 years ago that Al Gore warned us New York City would be under water, all the polar bears would be dead and the ice caps melted? None of that has happened. Gore was also wrong with a lot of his other predictions too. And according to this Forbes article, we’re actually in a cooling period.

No doubt humans have an impact on the climate. Anytime you or I exhale, our CO2 changes the environment. Common sense and science backs that up but that doesn’t mean we ought to stop breathing because we’re harming the earth. Instead, we should consciously try to improve our planet as individuals and leave the government out of it.

Even if we did everything right in America, that wouldn’t account for the rest of the world and their pollution problems. In China, rivers are so polluted that they burn. Bangkok, Thailand is covered in smog and in India, people go to the bathroom right in the street.

Marco Rubio was 100% correct when he made this statement during one of the Presidential Debates:

“We’re not going to make America a harder place to create jobs in order to pursue policies that will do absolutely nothing, nothing to change our climate. America is a lot of things, the greatest country in the world, absolutely. But America is not a planet.”

So on this Earth Day, instead of marching for government intervention in to the air we breathe, maybe go out and start changing things yourself. Pick up some trash you see lying on the side of the road, recycle instead of taking to the landfill, turn the lights out when leaving the room and donate to a charity that provides clean water to countries who need it.