Grassley asks the DOJ to look into Avenatti, Swetnick for possible criminal prosecution

A bad week is getting worse for Michael Avenatti. First a judge order him to pay nearly $5 million to a former lawyer of his firm as part of a back pay lawsuit.  In another […]

Sen. Grassley sends hilarious, sarcastic letter to Bernie Sanders

The FBI is investigating Dr. Ford’s allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, just as the Democrats had demanded.  Almost assuredly, when the investigation doesn’t turn up the way the Democrats wanted, they will […]

Brett Kavanuagh responds to allegations; makes it clear he’s not backing down

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not backing down. Despite the apparent coordinate effort from those on the left, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court has made it  very evident, with a letter he sent Monday […]

VIDEO: Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s entire opening statement

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is looking to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Tuesday marked the first day Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In his remarks, Kavanaugh singles out his mother, as a […]