Shaun King: statues of Jesus are a form of ‘white supremacy’ and need to be ‘torn down’

Activist Shaun King, who is no stranger to controversy, is calling for statues and stained glass windows that feature Jesus to be taken down. He says the images depict Jesus as white and are a […]

‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ author divorcing, says he’s no longer a Christian

Back in the late ’90s, Joshua Harris wrote the book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, sparking a cultural revolution among evangelicals where couples began to court each other instead of dating in the secular sense and […]

Former Democratic congressional candidate: ‘You can’t be a Trump supporter and a follower of Christ’

Democrats don’t like religion. Studies have shown that those who profess to be atheists, don’t attend church services regularly or just have a negative opinion on religion in general, are more likely to vote for […]