Trump campaign official tries to spin lack of rally crowd, Chris Wallace calls her out

President Donald Trump has the best crowds, he has the biggest crowds….except Saturday night in Tulsa. For weeks leading up to Trump’s rally in Oklahoma, the campaign had talked about and bragged about the enormous […]


Things get tense between Katie Pavlich, Chris Wallace: ‘Get your facts straight’

President Trump’s Impeachment trial in the the Senate continues. Trump’s legal team began their defense of the president Saturday and continued it on Monday. However, regardless of whatever Trump’s team says, most people are more […]

FNC’s Chris Wallace: ‘This has been a disaster for Democrats’

While Fox News’s opinion and commentary hosts are 100% pro-Trump, all the time, their actual news people aren’t nearly as friendly to President Trump. One of those people at FNC who has consistently challenged President […]

WATCH: Buttigieg doesn’t support any time restrictions on abortion, right up until moment of birth

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg doesn’t believe there should be any restrictions on when a woman can abort a child during pregnancy. Buttigieg, during a town hall on Fox News, was asked about his […]