Liz Cheney: Trump doesn’t have a role as a leader of GOP in future

The Republican party is currently in the midst of an identity crisis. Former President Donald Trump, despite what he and many of those in the GOP said, lost the election, by a significant margin. President […]

Marco Rubio says Trump ‘bears responsibility’ for Capitol insurrection, but doesn’t want an impeachment trial

There’s no doubt the GOP brand has been damaged significant by Donald Trump. The Republicans lost the White House, both Houses of Congress and are left defending a man who incited an insurrection on the […]

Fox News’ Chris Wallace corrects Alex Azar: ‘It’s President-elect Joe Biden’

President Trump, members of his administration and his lackeys in the media and on social media still refuse to admit that come January 20, they will be exiting the White House. They are obviously having […]

Chris Wallace asks Trump surrogate about First Family not wearing masks at debate, tries to play victim

People absolutely hate hypocrites, liars and cheaters. Knowing all of this explains why people have a strong dislike for politicians. On Tuesday, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in what is being […]