Chris Matthews announces retirement from MSNBC, Hardball

Turn out the lights the party is over. Longtime MSNBC and Hardball host Chris Matthews is out. On Monday evening, the liberal host announced that he’s stepping down following talks with the network. Matthews announced […]

Chris Matthews ‘doesn’t like socialism’ and says ‘it doesn’t freaking work’

On Friday night, the Democrats hoping to occupy the Oval Office got together once again to yell at one another about the issues. Right away, as could’ve been expected, most of the field came out […]

Chris Matthews: Soliemani ‘a beloved hero to Iranian people,’ compares his death to Elvis, Princess Diana

If you ever want to take the temperature of the far left, try to figure out how they feel on any particular issue or topic, just turn on MSNBC. Their “all-star” lineup comprised of Rachel […]