Chris Cuomo defends Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘concentration camp’ remark, says ‘extermination’ is for pests not people

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has once again found herself in the middle of controversy. And yet again, it’s because of her own doing. It all started when the freshman congresswoman from New York referred to ICE detention […]


Bill Maher: Hillary was a terrible candidate, committed obstruction and political correctness is cancer

Democrats and Republicans. You either support President Trump or you’re either a dirty liberal, Never Trumper, snowflake. On the other hand, you’re either for impeachment, believe Trump obstructed justice and probably colluded with the Russians […]

NFL player Benjamin Watson calls out Alyssa Milano out for her ‘ignorance ‘ and ‘racism’

C-list celebrity Alyssa Milano has been able to find relevance in pushing far left positions on nearly every topic on social media. The Georgia, Alabama and Missouri anti-abortion laws have been the latest issue on […]