Chick-Fil-A will no longer donate to Christian charities labeled anti-LGBT

America’s number one fast food chain Chick-fil-A is expanding globally and into “more liberal markets” according to Bisnow. And that means they are re-evaluating their charitable giving starting at the beginning of 2020. Chick-fil-A President […]

Leftists in Toronto stage protest of Chick-fil-A opening because….?

Liberals do not like Chick-fil-A they’ve made that extremely clear. They’ve both boycotted the popular restaurant chain and attempted to ban it from a number of cities and college campuses. Thankfully, those actions from our […]

Faculty at University of Kansas wants Chick-fil-A off campus, says it’s a ‘bastion of bigotry’

Who knew chicken was so offensive? To some of the left, Chick-fil-A is their kryptonite. They act as if they’ll melt if they come within a hundred feet of a piece of chicken from that […]