Laura Loomer announces congressional bid

She may be banned from Twitter, but that’s not stopping right wing activist Laura Loomer from running for Congress. Loomer announced on Friday that she’s running in Florida’s 21st district, which is north of Miami. […]


VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard fighting big tech censorship, standing up for free speech

It’s been said that the internet, more specifically social media sites, are today’s public squares. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google are where people go to find information and express their views on any number […]

Twitter inexplicably suspends ‘Unplanned’ pro-life film’s account

“Unplanned,” the film about Abby Johnson, who was a high-level employee at Planned Parenthood and has since become an ardent pro-life advocate. The film tells the story about Johnson’s journey and what it was she […]